The signs of spring!!!

It seems it’s been ages since I last updated this blog I just haven’t been in the mood to write to be honest and to be fair with the weather having been so lame there’s not been many adventures to chat about, but I’ve finally managed to throw a post together although this is as much to keep track myself as anything else…. but enjoy anyway!!!

We survived the snow but then came the wind, with Storm Erik and its 70 mile per hour gusts that were along for the ride!!!  The storm lasted for at least 3 days and 3 nights but the first night of the storm the caravan took an absolute battering, at one point the goods in the kitchen cupboards shifted and the oven door threatened to throw itself open I actually thought we would blow over onto our side at one or two points during the first night…

I was sure the caravan wasn’t as stable as it should have been that night so come morning Pete checked the steadies/stabilizers and chuckled when he found they weren’t even down properly no wonder it had felt so unstable from inside and on one of the worst nights of the year so far!!!

We didn’t have much choice but to sit out the poor stormy weather that week it was freezing cold, very wet with depressingly dark grey skies overhead,  I had wanted to join in a few of the local beach cleans happening in early February but they had been called off due to the bad weather, so all we could do was sit tight and hope some sunshine would come our way soon, after slobbing out for almost a week the weather did finally improve… We had sunshine at last, what a difference a bit of sunshine can make.  We’d only managed to walk to the local shops in between all of this bad weather, but finally the weather had broken and it was time to get some washing done and get ourselves out and explore.

Firstly we’d promised Toffi a beach walk once her foot had healed, so that was first to be ticked off our agenda list, off we set to Chapel Porth beach a lovely smallish but still very secretive beach, it’s a beach that neither Pete nor I had ever visited before, along with the stunning cliff top walks with gorgeous views going miles out to sea, and then also there were walks to the ruins of the local tin mines…


On the next available fair weather day we were off to Perranporth beach where we enjoyed walking miles and miles of this golden sandy, beautiful and very popular beach… we then headed breathlessly up and onto the sand dune covered cliffs where again we were treated to some of the most amazing views going miles off out to sea!!!


Our next stop was to Padstow, this is such a quaint town and fishing port, and even in the winter period it would seem the place still has a constant busy vibrant vibe about it, but still less than the hussle and bussle of the busy bustling, buzzing summer periods where its far, far busier and far too touristy and busy for me to enjoy,  but it’s perfect during the winter period for a visit and it’s a pleasure to be able to enjoy the place without being herded along with the masses through the small narrow streets…


on the 24th February 2019 we moved on from Newquay and after just an hours drive we arrived at Tregoad Farm, Campsite in Looe… we spent the next 24 hrs catching up with mundane stuff such as the nearly months worth of washing that had built up, which happily I managed to wash and dry here on site for just £18 (As mentioned in the past I can sometimes spend that on just a weeks wash!!!) and what’s more we arrived with the sun shining brightly and fortunately it stayed that way for the next few days before the next storm was due in, again on those few fair weather days we took in the local campsite wildlife walk down to the lakes…


Next Stop was the village of Looe itself, (there’s currently a road closure and the diversion takes you the long way around, it’s in place for the next 4 weeks so if you are near & abouts be aware) Looe is another lovely Cornish fishing village it’d been years since either Pete or myself had been there and I have to say the place has not changed much visually in approx thirty years.

The place attracts many tourists and Looe also has a really lovely sandy beach (a music festival is held here every year) but unfortunately Toffi was not permitted on the beach as it has a rule of no dogs allowed, so teasingly we let her look longingly at this fantastic beach rolling out in front of her, before moving her on and taking ourselves on a sightseeing adventure of the town walking between the historic old buildings set amongst the narrow streets and just taking  in the atmosphere of the place… I was also super excited and really surprised to see the old amusement arcade still here (across the bridge in Looe) it brought back some fun memories from my childhood of visiting there when on holidays to Devon…


Our next trip was to Polperro again this is another really quaint fishing village and a place neither of us had visited since childhood (although I must admit a few… ok… many expletives did leave my lips upon seeing and having to pay the exorbitant charges for parking here!!!) £4.50 for 3 hrs with the concession you can get up to 10% off of prices on purchases within some shops and pubs in the village, this promise is all well and good but it’s the beginning of March and almost all of the places mentioned for this 10% with the exception of one pub was shut and the village certainly doesn’t take 3 hours to walk around!!! so compared to the £1 an hour parking at other places I know where I would rather go and spend my money without feeling forced into spending in dictated or designated places to gain back a percent of my over priced parking fee!!! I get it I totally do, it’s designed so as to encourage people to spend on their visits there… yep I really do get what they are trying to do…. but like I say when we were there the place was dead, like dead as a donut… it’s winter season and barely any shops were even open for business, perhaps winter parking charges should be lowered to take this into account… and £25 for a motorhome to park overnight I didn’t know whether this was actually a joke??? I mean why??? you can go to a campsite with heated wash facilities and including a swimming pool etc for much less than that price this time of year or even park in a layby for like… free… P.s also please note if you visit here DO NOT and I mean DO NOT use the toilets on the main road as you head back to the car park trust me on this one the 20p entry isn’t even the issue!!! (just really trust me and don’t use them unless you are really desperate you will definitely thank me for that bit of advice, there are other toilets in the area although I have no idea what state these are in inside!!!)

Now like I say the place is pretty quaint, it’s a very tiny, seemingly compacted fishing village with small harbour that’s shielded from the harsh choppy winter weather of this visit day by the sturdy harbour wall, there’s also access to a cliff top coastal walk from here to Polruan of approx 6.5 miles we took a quick look up at the viewing point on the cliff top but I wasn’t really suitably dressed for a hike this day so we didn’t wander much further, but I guess if you really wanted to make proper use of those obscene tourist trap parking charges, you could always take a hike along there, the village itself took us mere minutes to walk around and with such few shops actually open during our visit we decided to drag it out with a pint each in “The 3 Pilchards” which if I am truthful was the highlight of our visit before returning to the car which still had more than an hours parking validity left on it to spare!!!


Here at Tregoad Farm Campsite there’s a swimming pool and to be honest with you all, I seem to have got slightly chunky over the last few winter months, so I thought it would be a great idea to get in the pool and do a little regular workout perhaps get my “summer” body ready… Well the thought was there anyway!!!.. I proudly managed 20 lengths and still felt fantastic, ok the pools not olympic sized but it’s big enough for getting some exercise in and 20 lengths was plenty enough for my repaired shoulders before they began to seize up a little, but that was nothing compared to what happened on the evening of my first swim, I hadn’t swam for years and never thought about water going into my ear canals I’d never needed to worry before now,  but well that evening the world started to swim and spin, everything was constantly moving around while I remained perfectly still… dear lord, never have I had Vertigo before… I mean I’ve fainted lots of times before… but this, well this was something else, but luckily for me it was to last just 2 days… that 2 days was an absolute horrid experience!!!  (I’ve managed a few more swims since that day and thankfully I’ve remained fine so hopefully that bout of Vertigo was just a one off experience!!!)

We then waited with bated breath on the arrival of the next Storm named “Freya” with her 70mph winds, well she came and went without causing much trouble for us… but she did make victims of a few caravan awnings here on site… a couple of evenings later and the wind was whipping up again to be honest the wind seemed stronger this time than the night of the named storm, but again we were lucky and got through without harm…

After a lovely morning swim at camp we decided to take a drive to Seaton we’d promising Toffi another visit to a beach once again, what a gorgeous beach this is, we took a lovely walk with Toffi along it even managing some off leash time for her to run free, where she enjoyed splashing in and out of the waves while chasing seaweed stalks… after all that fun Pete and I needed coffee and cake which was served to us at the local beach front “Waves” bar, we sat and refreshed ourselves while Toffi sat comfortably inside with us and dried off behind the warming sun drenched glass window, (p.s parking is free here over winter months until !st April and the place was certainly busy with visitors and dog walkers…)


We’d refreshed ourselves with the coffee and cake and checked the time and to our surprise found it was still only midday, so we decided to explore both Cawsand and Kingsand today, both just a few miles on from Seaton, at Cawsand there’s a carpark that had a couple of motorhomes stopping over and looking at the parking meter its £10 for 24 hrs which is pretty reasonable for an overnight stay here giving time to explore the area, p.s car parking here was 60p an hour… and definitely a lovely place for a good stroll, to explore and to enjoy the view out to sea and the Plymouth breakwater you can also see all the way over to Jennycliff, Bovisands and Challaborough from here!!


Everywhere we go we are glimpsing signs of springs arrival with the trees starting to bloom with blossom, daffodils and primroses in flower… It’s a very pretty time of year and this hopefully means signs of better weather ahead…

Well enough of my rambling on, I’m sure you all have other things to be getting on with so I shall wrap it up for now!!!

Take Care

Donna x



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