Dairy Farms & Dirty Welly Boots!!

As of 6th January we’ve found ourselves pitched up alone other than some empty caravans on a dairy farm at £14 per night, West Middlewick farm campsite, the farm itself is nestled between the hamlet of Nomansland and Witheridge amongst the rolling hills and fields on the outskirts of Tiverton, what a brilliant adventure awaits us here, the farm itself  has approx 80 cows, 60 or so sheep, a fair few chickens, 3 geese and now new to the mix there’s also Pigs!!!

Foolishly I took a peek inside the calf shed, scolding myself for stupidly not expecting to see any calves in there at this time of year, (surely winter isn’t the time of year for cows to be calving right???)… but boy was I in for a shock, I hold my hands up I clearly know nothing regarding farming & cattle, there were at least 3 young calves in there that I could see… plus a couple of lambs, but one calf stood out from the crowd for me, this one looked very special indeed, it has a gorgeous love heart mark on its forehead… just, oh my days!!!… I hope they call it Shirley or Valentine… I think I may have fallen for my first cow, I even started to worry whether it was too cold for the poor thing and woke early hours that night worrying about the little calf that I’d already named Valentine in my head, I should never have looked inside that shed… I’ve stayed away from the animals and calf shed ever since!!!

Bare in mind as mentioned before in the blog I am absolutely terrified/petrified of fully grown cattle, my time here is going to be soooo much fun!!!  Apparently you can help at feeding times with the young animals and watch the milking of the cows this is extremely tempting for me… I’ll think on that one although I’d probably end up wanting to take the baby animals home with me so this feeding malarky may not be the best thing for me to do, but you never know… I have a week or so to think about it, I have massive respect for farmers they always amaze me with their dedication with the sheer amount of what seems like a constant workload, the family here are friendly and from what I can see I think there are a few generations of them working here… with it being winter the cows don’t get much chance to get out in the fields until the fairer weather so I guess this makes the workload even higher!!!


We found the pigs shed too… after asking if it was ok to do so Pete thought it would be a great idea to feed them a half loaves of bread that we had hanging around… I stayed outside the pig shed because I had Toffi with me but inside it sounded like Pete had set off some sort of murderous riot with the pigs screeching and squealing at top volume (pigs are loud!!!) I asked him to get some pictures he came back with these… chuckling I did tell him they weren’t exactly the sort of pictures I had in mind, but hey…

We took a walk across the fields here and down along a river, boy is it muddy and yukky in the UK countryside in winter time, we decided our best purchase this year was most definitely our welly boots!!!

Of course Toffi’s loving all the mud and muck, and has now started to insist on finding the muckiest patches to play in, just look how proud of herself she was after running right through this big muddy field-gate puddle!!! (She didn’t however enjoy the wash off she got when she got home outside before she was allowed to re-enter the caravan!!)

Tiverton Canal 

We awoke to a frosty start on a Thursday morning and although we had planned to head to South Molton to the weekly market early today we changed our plans last minute as we are considering staying here another week, hopefully we can go to the market next week and take a good look around but instead today we headed to The Grand Western Canal in Tiverton and took a long walk along the canal side instead, the day started off with the grassy fields covered in frost and parts of the canal still had ice over the water surface…

Knightshayes Court

We also visited Knightshayes Court where I took a walk around the inside of the Gothic style house, while Pete and Toffi explored the garden what a fabulous place we will go back for a good old walk around the grounds!!!


As promised we went back to Knightshayes to walk around the grounds and the woods…

South Molton 

We then visited South Molton on the next Thursday the farmer here on site had told us the animal market is on that day so of course we had to go and nose around, true to word there were lots of sheep in pens and trailers being sold and transported…  there’s also an indoor market here in the town where they have stalls for fresh veg etc there were some nice independent shops around and we also stopped for lunch of chips and sausages at the local chippy…

Killerton House 

We then visited Killerton House and took a walk around the grounds here too, Killerton house if I am honest isn’t the most attractive house from the outside and with muddy boots on there was no chance of going inside… so we strolled the grounds for a few hours!!! On the way to the House that morning I made Pete pull over to take a picture of the fog amongst the valley…


On the farm campsite here they have a farm shop where you can purchase meat, raw milk, cheese, fresh veg pretty much get whatever you might need if you wished… in the last few days we also seem to have a few escape artists from the field next door teaching her young lamb independance or perhaps they are just wanting a little quiet time away from the main flock… very cute anyway and harmless enough so not going to tell tales on them it would seem the grass is greener in this field anyway!!!


While here Toffi has had to visit the vets for her annual check up and injections, we also decided it was time for her to have a growth on her foot rechecked as although it is a slow growing, seemingly harmless lump thats now been there for 5 years, it’s in a bit of an awkward place and we have to make sure it doesn’t get too big before it’s removed otherwise there won’t be enough skin in the area to close the wound, but lately it has started to grow just that little bit more and its looking a little more sore and brighter red in colour than usual, so Toffi’s now booked in at a local vet on Wednesday morning for it’s removal we’re due to move on from here Sunday but depending on any follow up treatment Toffi may need we may have to wait and see… We are thinking of going back to our fav Newquay site to wait out some of the winter weather with James and his family but will have to see what we decide…

I’ve been looking into different diets and settled on trying the potato diet for myself… you can lose nearly a stone in a week on this diet so I really need to look into it, has anyone else tried the potato diet? any advice?? since we’ve been travelling I seem to have put on a tad bit of weight!!!

Until next time, Take care, I am off to dream of potatoes!!!

Donna x