New Year, New scarf!!!

In our last week at Woodland Springs we made the most of it enjoying some milder weather compared to the wind and storms in the previous weeks which enabled us to get out and explore even more.  We found ourselves drawn towards exploring the nearby reservoirs, Meldon was our first, we planned to walk around it completely but we got halfway and found our access restricted by a no entry sign on a gateway so we were forced to turn back although we later learned that we could have gone in a different direction away from the reservoir and enjoyed a moorland walk instead!!!

Just look at some of the magnificent pictures we managed to snap here are my favourites of the whole post!!!

My imagination ran away with me as we were walking along the waters edge and enjoying the sights, there’s a small island here pictured below I am guessing largely used by water birds such as ducks, but I told Pete it would be my place of refuge & safety in the event of an armageddon event…I’m sure the Zombies or bad people looking for trouble wouldn’t find me here all I would need was a small boat and a tent…

On our way back from the no entry sign Toffi managed to get herself into a bit of a pickle involving a …boggy area her little face was a picture when she suddenly sank into a bog unaware of its existence which was amongst the reed bed she was exploring… Good job she managed to get a bit cleaner by the time she got back to the car otherwise we may well have made her walk home!!!

Our next visit was to the fantastic Fernworthy Reservoir and a gorgeous walk of several different scenes here some were along the waterside and a very scenic walk then through the sun dappled dense woodland where some of the trees were what seemed like the height of skyscrapers… then much to Toffi’s delight some more marshy swampy bogs to jump around in!!!

There were some stunning views here we walked the whole way around the reservoir and most parts of the walk were great although there was one part of the walk where wellies would have been ideal footwear just due to the huge amount of mud and several walkers appeared before us attempting this part with walking shoes caked in mud, but after navigating this part I thought we got off quite lightly due to us wading off the worst of the beaten muddy track… there’s also a burial site here with some burial chambers exposed along with bronze age settlements and evidence of their stone round huts along the way…

I finished making a pretty decent scarf in the time I was avoiding human contact which Pete promptly asserted ownership of… Merry Christmas Pete!!! You can see Pete wearing his new scarf in some of the pictures above… enjoy and stay warm Pete!!!

I managed a good catch up with a couple of good friends Debbie and Ally in Plymouth it was amazing to see them and have a good old chat, they both looked amazing and we spent the afternoon drinking hot chocolate, tea & coffee and chatting until it was time for me to drive home… a lot of friends hadn’t been able to make this meet up due to the short notice and that it was on a weekday so many were working, I’d arranged a meet up a week or so earlier but unfortunately I’d had to cancel (sorry for the mess around!!) hopefully we will get to catch up with more people next time we are in Plymouth…

We made some new friends at the Woodland Springs campsite and spent a couple of evenings in the company of Carole and Andy who have a seasonal pitch there, with the owners of the site Chris and Jan also joining us for some drinkies and a lovely spread of food that Carole had prepared, Thank you all for the great company and great evenings, keep feeding the birds for us!!!

The campsite became pretty busy over the holiday season and over the Christmas and New Year dates especially where the site went from just having a handful of us on site to being about 2/3’s full and this then felt extremely busy for me….  with me sometimes not being the most social person around this time of year I vowed Christmas day not to step outside the caravan at all that day just so that I didn’t bump into anyone and have to wish anyone a happy Christmas… and I managed it… I then repeated it for New Years day, yep I was feeling super social on those days!!! Soon it was time to move on, and on Sunday 6th January 2019 off we pootled onwards to our next stop… The next destination I will leave until the next blog post…

I will be social enough now to wish everyone reading this blog post a very happy and prosperous New Year and I will catch you all up on our next adventures soon until then enjoy the pictures, take care!!!

Donna x

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  1. Love your blogs and photos Donna ,amazing scenery
    looking forward to more blogs and photos of yours and Petes adventures
    safe travels and hope for a catch up when your in Plymouth again.sue xx

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