A wander when weather permits!!!

The weather has been atrocious with rain, harsh gusting winds and what seems like a constant stream of endless storms, you tend to notice these things even more when you live in a tin tent, how I wish we’d again gone over to enjoy the fairer weather Portugal or Spain has to offer at this time of year!!!

I had to go to Plymouth late one afternoon for an appointment with the Dr and I was dreading the hours drive as I have absolutely no sense of direction, and without a sat nav I am useless, although Pete did make me even more nervous when he kept telling me directions of where I had to head too and again after I phoned him upon leaving the campsite to tell him the sat nav wanted to take me the A38 way instead of the A30 (I’d remembered him telling me to get to the A30 and not to go the A38 way) he then did nothing but worry, telling me not to go the way the car sat nav was trying to take me as it was just constant narrow country lanes for at least half the journey if I go that way… I had to kindly remind him it would still be fine and not to worry, as unbelievably I do actually hold a current UK driving licence and I am sure I could handle an hours drive to Plymouth, country lanes or not…

It seemed his worrying was totally unnecessary as I bravely (for me anyway) ignored the Sat nav went in the opposite direction and would you believe it I managed to find the A30 (the easy peasy route), After my appointment with the doctor where I then again bravely obtained 5 steristrip stitches and also managed to have a quick rare catch up with my mum before my trip back to the campsite in the dark…

The drive home started out well, I figured it wouldn’t be too bad a drive, that I’d just head to Tavistock from Plymouth and head out to Oakhampton from there, this was a great idea until I hit a “road closed” sign at Yelverton roundabout and was then diverted by the satnav to Princetown, now it seemed my only way home was to go over the moors, actually it turned out to be a really great drive and although it was pitch, pitch black out there on the unlit moorland roads, they were also pretty quiet at that time of the evening, so the drive was tranquil and pretty easy going…. I went past the Warren House Inn on my journey this pub is also worth a visit it has a fire which has been burning and never once gone out since the pub was built in 1845, having visited in the past I remember it’s a very quaint and lovely pub to visit… now the only downside to driving home on this route was I hadn’t managed to get any food as I’d planned to stop off at Morrisons on my way through Tavistock and grab something to eat on the road before my detour…  so I was starving when I pulled up to the van just over an hour later!!!

Fingle Bridge

We have managed to get out and about when the weather has permitted us but we have had to wrap up warm too as it’s been pretty cold with the wind chill and there’s been lots of water on the roads!!! On one of the intervals where we had a respite from the bad weather we visited Fingle Bridge for a walk, what a lovely place to visit, an easy walk for most abilities the walks here are pretty flat which was a bonus for me, we walked from Fingle bridge to Clifford bridge and then back, the woods turned out to be such a stunning place to walk through… We walked approx 4 miles that day easily and only turned back because it was getting late in the day and the dark comes in so early on the short winter days…  There’s also a lovely pub at Fingle bridge so after a nice walk here you could alway grab some food or refresh yourselves with a quick drink if it takes your fancy!!!

Chagford and Mortenhampstead

Our next visit was to the stannary town of Chagford and then on to the town of Mortenhampstead both are lovely quaint towns and nice places to visit although Pete annoyingly kept correcting my pronunciation of the town name Chagford which I much preferred to pronounce with a “Sh” at the start…!!! after our exploring we decided to stop and grab ourselves a treat of a pint and a packet of crisps in the rather lovely pub the Three Crowns in Chagford, where Toffi was also treated to a few dog biscuits and a rather lovely fuss over from the bar staff who also took her picture!!! I was told by the camp owners there’s a place called the Birdcage that is a great place to eat in Chagford too!!!

Oakhampton and Simmons Park

We shopped at Oakhampton where we also purchased some bird feeders/food and also found a suitable kitchen roll holder for the caravan, we decided to check the little town out while we were here, it turns out Oakhampton is much bigger than we gave it credit for and to be fair we only figured this out by chance, I’d asked in a haberdashery shop for a certain wool item (I’ll explain it later) she didn’t sell what I wanted but told me where to go to get it instead, so we ended up in a part of the town that we hadn’t even realised existed, we also found the post office which reminded us we also needed stamps and then spotted a sign for the local park which we thought Toffi might like a walk around, so off we went to check out this “Simmons” Park, it didn’t disappoint, the park was quite large and full of dog walkers, the park itself even has several houses inside it and then theres a riverside walk to top it off, well who knew??!!!

Buckland Beacon

We also took a stroll to a place called Buckland Beacon on Dartmoor a place where there are tablets with the ten commandments engraved into 2 large tabs of rock, apparently I’m told these are called commandment stones… we had a rather windy, chilly and soggy walk to get to them where Toffi revelled in running through large muddy puddles and then managed to confuse herself behind a gate she had somehow gotten behind… the hill here was used as a fire beacon signal point, it’s rumoured that from this point the Spanish Armada was also first spotted!!! The wordings on the giant tablets here were first engraved in 1928 by a W A Clement who was commissioned to do the job by the Lord of Buckland Manor, history says it was seen as a victory for Protestantism where parliament rejected the proposed new book of common prayer!!!

Finch Foundry & Sticklepath Village

We visited Finch Foundry and although we found the place to be shut there were information leaflets available giving info of the 2 local walks available, one just a short 20 minute walk around the outskirts and village then a 45 minute one going through the Oak wood along the river Taw just a little further on the outskirts of the village and also this part of the walk being part of the Tarka trail, we opted for just the short walk as the rain had started to come in again and Toffi hates walking in the rain!!!

Pete took a visit to Plymouth and stayed over night there to have a night out with friends, not only did he come back with a hangover, but he also brought back germs with him, he assures me it is most definitely man flu… but not to worry Toffi is already helping him get over his ailments with one of her great snuggles…20181216_134550

As mentioned before the weathers not been all that great so I’ve been keeping myself busy with a hobby I hadn’t be able to do in ages, Crochet and amigurumi… I haven’t made anything for a couple of years until now, this has been due to me having had poorly shoulders, but here’s a few of my past makes… I’ve made two of what I call mindless granny blankets in the last week… I like to make these as I just don’t have to concentrate on them at all and I can easily be doing these while watching TV of an evening!!!


Andy and Carole came down and introduced themselves to me while Pete was away in Plymouth, they brought us down a Christmas card and some spare bird food, they have a caravan on a seasonal pitch here at Woodland Springs and had read our blog post, we had then chatted on facebook they are coming back down Boxing day and have invited us up for a couple of Christmas drinkies on Boxing day that will be lovely… P.S Andy and Carole if you’re reading this your feeders have been filled and you have a lovely red robin who has been feeding from there regularly!!!  (the birds on this site can certainly eat some!!!) have a lovely Christmas and have yourselves a safe journey we’ll see you when you return…

I cannot believe it’s Christmas day in a few days time!!! I have done the old traditional thing and purchased a good ole “TV Times”… haven’t done that in years… I’ve already been studying what programmes are on over the Christmas period to keep us entertained, and I have laid sole claim to the remote!!! I aim on going Christmas food shopping in Exeter in the next couple of days, it’s always hectic Christmas food shopping even though the shops only really close for 24 hrs these days everyone always still buys enough to see them through a week easily (remember the days when the shops would actually be closed for a week at least???), to be honest I’m really just looking forward to living on Turkey leftovers for days, eating masses of brussel sprouts and chocolate!!!

What ever you are doing for the Christmas period this year enjoy and have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!!!

Until next time take care

Donna x