Tiny Town of Sulzburg, Germany

We left Switzerland and the wonderful mountain view at 11am on the 27th June 2018 and decided we would head to Germany… So I quickly scrolled through the ACSI campsite app and basically picked the nearest decently reviewed one to accompany our route back up to Calais… We had been given advice from a couple of German friends of great places to head for and to visit etc… but I searched nearby venues and campsites to these areas… there seemed to be none very nearby considering we have to take into account our size dimensions of the vehicle and how far we can safely walk with the dog in this sweltering hot weather, the places looked stunning and we would have loved visiting them but they were just not feasible at this present time… but we have them listed down for when we perhaps get to another chance and maybe a change of transport!!!


So onwards we headed with our journey out of Switzerland and into Germany… we travelled mainly by motorway just for ease and speed… approaching the German border was a little confusing and Pete nearly went into the import taxing truck lane with us thinking their may have been some sort of height barrier ahead and not entirely realising it was in fact the German border ahead!!! So it was quite amusing having the German border patrol waving us to go into the other lane and carry on through as we didn’t need to pay them any taxes… oups!!!

Once we drove on through the Border we found ourselves now on the German motorways (Lorries and larger vehicles drive very sensibly due to regulations here… but the car drivers are completely insane on German motorways!!!)… We arrived a few hours after leaving Switzerland at our next stop Camping Sulzbachtal in the small town of Sulzburg  (Black Forest Country!!!)

The weather has been a sweltering 30°+ since we got here and is I think due to continue but I hear it is the same over most of the NW Europe with heat waves reported far and wide… The heat has made it so hard to sleep and fully rest at night even with as many windows as possible open I still feel like I am melting… Pete seems to have been suffering from a repeated head/neck ache so to be fair other than a couple of walks into the small town we have mainly just chilled out while being here… the campsite is fine with nice big pitches, clean good facilities, friendly reception, bread available to order, purchased camp wifi good but cost €6.50 for timed 6 hrs usage… I haven’t seen any other Brits here apart from ourselves it seems mainly Dutch, Belgium and German travellers on site who have may I add have all been friendly…


We took ourselves on a walk to the small town where I took pictures, ummed and ahhed at all the different buildings, we then sat at the only open cafe in the town and had lunch where the lady serving patiently allowed me to try out my poor German language skills on her and where we also allowed her to try her English language skills on us, both asking if we were correct or how to ask for this and that… it was a really nice conversation and we were both encouraging each other as it was both down to our lack of confidence holding us all back!!!


We had a really good chat amongst ourselves, we asked if many British visited here and she told us not too many, mainly Dutch and how she had previously visited England… She didn’t enjoy her stay there… she had been shocked by English culture and the society she had been faced with, the heavy drinking and somewhat out of control aggressive attitudes she had received when she was there… and I can guess the rest!!!  To be honest we have travelled for 10+ months through Europe and very rarely met anyone who wasn’t pleasant or welcoming to us… maybe the odd grump having a bad day but we all get them…

Perhaps this is a lesson us Brits can learn from, as I also think society and attitudes in Britain have changed seemingly much for the worse lately, this is especially evident on social network websites such as facebook where some of the posts literally make me either angry or cringe with their downright fascist, racist nastiness, untrue fact memes with their clear false accusations, which has been even more prevalent since the Brexit debacle started!!! Any Brit that truly thinks EU had total control over us as was being spread via social media etc etc is deluded… why? because our government has always, always had the right to stop any rulings going through exactly the same as the other 27 countries involved, we always had control of our borders it’s just we ourselves didn’t do our duties and our government didn’t discuss their general public’s fear or feelings with other countries openly enough when we felt overwhelmed, we just have ourselves and our governments to blame, not other countries…  remember also we are teaching the next generation… teach them badly and this can come back to bite… perhaps try to teach friendship, tolerance, conversational skills & compassion, instead of hate, bitterness, sourness and lies…

Well anyway we had a lovely lunch Pete started with a coffee, then a beer along with a refreshing local dish which consisted of a thin Pizza base, Sour cream, cream cheese, spring onions and bacon bits (Lardons), I had a couple of cups of coffee and chips as a snack as I wasn’t too hungry or should I say… Pomme Frites und zwei tassen von Kaffee mit milch und sucra… all at a very reasonable price… We said our Thanks and goodbyes to the cafe’s staff and wished each other well before we parted ways…


Whilst walking the streets here the history is evident and as far as we have witnessed lessons learned from it…  with a hope not to allow history to repeat itself in any way, shape or form, this is a fair fear amongst our EU friends, so we should all remain humble and remember the suffering that is caused by people being easily manipulated, swallowing/spreading lies without researching truth and turned against each other, however the means and whether this be consciously or otherwise, stay wise people don’t be easily led like sheep into disarray and hatred!!!

It’s so easy for just one person to rock the boat and change normally reasonable peoples views into something much more sinister which is far from reasonably normal and then before we know it dreadful, unimaginable things can occur… as has clearly happened in the past between countries!!! Here’s proof and a reminder these things do happen, however much to other peoples surprise and sometimes disgust we have stayed away from all war sites upon our travels deliberately, not due to any disrespect but so as not to be overwhelmed by the sadness of such things ever happening!!!


Anyway we left the lovely campsite Sulzbachtal at 11am on the 30th June 2018 and planned to cross briefly back into France for an opportunity to get our sites & paysages book stamped again… we stopped at a German supermarket on the way which had some amazing fresh veg and fruit on display, once topped up with enough to keep us going for another week we travelled 80 kms to our next stop Campsite De La Chaume where we have booked in for 8 nights to allow rest and to recoup, the heat has been stifling and driving in it today was a pretty bad experience for Toffi who was overheating and panting for the whole journey even though we’d stopped a few times along the journey, we even stopped for KFC, its first time we have had anything from a fast food chain for nearly 12 months, was massively disappointed when we waited 20 minutes for chicken and found we only had drumsticks in the bargain bucket!!!

Well off to go sit and enjoy the shelter and shade of the tree on our pitch will have more exciting stuff to update next time perhaps!!!

Take care

Donna x

Camping Sulzbachtal 3 nights on ACSI rate €19 Per night total bill + taxes/electric €75.30 GPS N47°50’52” E7°41’53”