Domaine de Cromey

It was soon time for us to catch up with Lilly and Steve… the timing worked out wonderfully, just at a perfectly quiet time for them, before the main season started.  We travelled further up through France, another 80 km on the sunday, to meet them in the Burgundy region.

We had arranged to meet in the village so that they could assess our size and then guide us and the motorhome onto the very grand “Domaine de Cromey” grounds.  By virtue of my wonderful navigation skills I instead guided us to a nearby vineyard… interestingly with the sat navs’ female voice filling the air… advising us we had arrived at our destination!!!  Yes, I assure you Pete would be absolutely lost without myself and my perfect navigating skills, after all, what could be more perfect than being lost in a field full of lovingly cared for Burgundy wine grape vines stretching on for as far as the eye can see???

Perhaps the Vintner could start leaving little hidden bottles of their treasured finished products around to cheer the lost souls of us haplessly clumsy travellers and allow them the happiness of tasting the delights, perhaps if really lost even drowning their sorrows with… Just an idea folks!!! what a wonderful idea a Burgundy wine treasure hunt… perfect!!!

After correcting our course, detaching the trailer and very nearly losing the thing downwards on a sloping bank, we eventually found where we were planned to meet and true to their word Lilly and Steve soon appeared and came to our rescue!!!

We drove up in their smaller vehicle to assess the situation and to ensure we could actually manage to get our vehicle into the manor house grounds safely, which we then succeeded in doing. Once there we fell into absolute love and awe of the place… Ironically, to get there, we drove up the very road we had turned around on.

What an utterly delightful place for us to be lucky enough to be allowed to visit.  We squeezed in through the rather impressive gates and swung into the very exclusive stately Manor House courtyard.  Our hosts then treated us to a tour of the gardens and property… my words are unable to describe accurately the lovingly decorated and tastefully restored buildings, all work done with such attention to detail, with superb quality!!!



The property’s history is amazingly interesting.  The main building was used by Lords and Barons as their winery in a long distant past and is now what one would describe as a very prestigious & exclusive country Manor House.  The main building once housed all the local wine making facilities.



The huge wine press is still in situ to this day.  It is an imposing feature in the room that is now described as the wine press room, this is also a gorgeously decorated open and airy dining area.

So, while seated in the room, dining on the exquisitely prepared culinary delights, tasting, enjoying and discussing the rich complexity of flavors over a glass or two of the famously delicious rich wines on offer from the area, it also allows the guests to soak up the genuine history of the Burgundy wine making process with their very own eyes!!!



The local wine producers have been producing their top quality Burgundy for generations, so whilst at Domaine de Cromey you get to soak up the experience, within view of the magnificent, impressive structure of this huge original wine press which gives more understanding, depth and meaning to the production process of these gorgeous wines…  What an experience!!!



We had an amazing time and enjoyed every minute, Steve and Lilly really looked after us they made us some fantastic meals, with Lilly’s fantastic desserts to follow, also they allowed us to enjoy some fantastic wines they had provided.  We also got to meet the lovely Bernard whose family had lived on site for several generations we saw photographs of his parents, grand parents and siblings and we all chatted the evenings away…

We are also thankful to the owners Dennis and Ellie for allowing us to visit the fantastic “Domaine de Cromey”, we were sorry we didn’t stay on to meet them personally, but we feared the dogs may not have got on and we really didn’t want to cause any issues or be a bother, but we are deeply grateful to them all it was an experience we will not forget.

We were very grateful to both Lilly and Steve for also taking us and showing us the other local delights in the area, we visited the nearby Rochepot Chateau which is yet another amazing building, France is so full of amazing places, we then went for a visit to the town of Beaune where we sat at a bar/cafe chatted and watched the world go by, with a further visit to the village Nolay where we also checked out the local campsites…


In Nolay there is a fantastic second hand shop full of interesting bits and pieces while there we found a floor lamp with a date upon it of 1820 whether accurate or not is anybody’s guess but it was an interesting item and only €12, I do hope Lilly goes back for this lamp… because  if we had the weight capacity I think I may have been tempted to have brought some things away with me too!!!  I had my eye on the old Fire Irons at only a couple of euros each I thought they would have made perfect door stops or ornaments for a kitchen fireside… I was also eyeing up the old spindle table for €10 but it would have to be checked/treated for any woodworm before bringing into a building!!!

After 2 nights at the property Domaine de Cromey we left the morning of the 12th June 2018 and decided to travel across country and head towards Switzerland, after a 4 hour drive we found ourselves at a campsite called the Roche d’Ully and not far from the Swiss border where we have booked in for the 4 nights, unluckily we have had a lot of rain in the past 24 hrs so we seem to be squelching around on a grass pitch hopefully the weather will improve soon, otherwise we may need to get ourselves some wellies!!!

Well that’s plenty enough from me for today

Take care wherever you are…

Donna x