Burgers and Beaujolais!!!

We’d enjoyed our stay of 4 nights at Bel ‘Epoque Du Pilat we’d found it a great place for walking and exploring, but sadly eventually we just had to move on, we left on Thursday 7th june 2018 and travelled on up the country another 80 km to a Campsite called La Grappe Fleurie, the further we travelled the more we were finding ourselves surrounded by fields of grape vines belonging to more and more major Beaujolais wine producers…

We arrived at Campsite La Grappe Fleurie situated within the Beaujolais region mid  afternoon after a 3 hour drive and booked to stay 3 nights, surprisingly to be honest the camp had a lot of residents who seemed to return year after year, there was an English couple next to us Joy and Bill (who currently reside in Switzerland) they had been returning every year to this campsite for a few weeks at a time for the last 18 years they did admit it was mainly for the wine… Our pitch was one of the tidiest and I like when a site has mature hedges that give you some privacy…

Although the site had a pleasant and friendly enough atmosphere, it was fairly busy with many campers just passing through for the night which I now understand why… the camp was supposedly rated 4* however I would certainly struggle to give it a rating of a low 3*… the rating star system over here for campsites tend to go by what the site has available facility wise… for example a star is given for a swimming pool, eating and drinking facilities, campsite shop, entertainment room, sports facilities etc and sadly quality or cleanliness standards of the place itself doesn’t seem to be taken into consideration, so trying to find suitable sites or nice sites can sometimes be a bit haphazard, the shower/toilet blocks here for example were pretty much worn out and in desperate need of renovation and they were not exactly in the cleanest of states either, not the sort of place you want to spend any amount of time in… the site had an overall slightly scruffy appearance, but with a bit of hard work, some minor maintenance and repairs it could all be put right quite easily and some of the gardening greenery also needed to be tended too, but you could possibly overlook this part mainly due to the weather at the moment as it has been pretty wet all over France… but we decided to make the most of the 3 days we were booked in for here anyway…

While we were here we were told that wine tasting takes place on site with local producers bringing their wines along… we were pretty much looking forward to that… but we did have to chuckle… and hold back our looks of disappointment when we went to the wine tasting area and were offered just one small taster from 1 bottle of 2014 Beaujolais wine… it wasn’t superb… but it wasn’t unpleasant or awful either… It had a Raspberry twist to it… so as the saying goes, when in Rome… we thought we would help the local economy and producers a little and purchase a couple of bottles anyway for €20… and then we also purchased some fast food from the snack bar, we each had a surprisingly tasty burger from the wooden hut used as the snack bar on site for another €20… What a healthy diet, Burgers and Beaujolais!!! we had planned a nice Greek salad for that evening but when I went to prepare it I found the supposedly fresh salad we had purchased earlier that day from a supermarket was well past its best and was just slimy and black… Now the best places to buy fresh produce here is always at the markets which are marvelous to walk around but again it’s getting frustrating not having transport to get to them!!!

During our time here the town also held a small carnival type get together for a few hundred people in the sports area just opposite the campsite, with free entry, starting at 6pm with a majorettes performance, then they had an alright band play for the rest of the night, a drinks bar and spit roast were also available… we had to go investigate the carnival as it would have been rude not too!!!  Although the band could hold a tune and sounded ok it went on quite loudly into the early hours of 2.30am… with an early start the next day we were both certainly feeling a tad bit tired the next day!!

We thought we had better check out the village which was pleasant enough and had some magnificent buildings… the baker was a lovely lady who allowed me to try out my terrible French and we both chuckled at trying to understand each other… we purchased what turned out to be a rock solid baguette and some lovely iced cakes, when you buy cakes over here the bakers always wrap them up nicely they are like little presents for later it’s such a nice touch… plus she was much more patient and pleasant than the bloke serving in the local tabac shop where I decided not to bother purchasing anything after an exchange where he decided… no… he didn’t have the most popular items in stock and was also unable to tell me what products were similar etc…

We left the town of Fleurie on the 10th June and headed up to meet up with Pete’s daughter Lilly and Steve and join them in the Burgundy region at “Domaine de Cromey” where they are currently helping to staff and look after the house and guests, what a stunning place we shall tell you all about that magnificent stay and catch up with them in the next post…

Oh… we seem to have found and set ourselves another fresh challenge… we hadn’t realised the deal with Sites du paysages discount existed but the reception at Bel ‘Epoque Du Pilat gave us info on it and we have our first stamp in our booklet yippee so at the relevant campsites you can pick up a booklet with a stamp area inside to get stamped… if stay at 4 of their campsites for 4 nights each or 2 sites for 8 nights each you get your card stamped once for every 4 nights and once you complete 4 stamps you can claim 5 nights at one of their sites for free… but not valid for claiming July/August period which is fair enough as high season but you can collect them and claim over a 2 year period so all good… but I am a bit gutted we have only just found this out as it would seem we actually stayed at one of these sites for a week a couple of weeks back… St Anne so we missed an opportunity for a stamp in our booklet!!!

Take care

Donna x

Camping Bel’Epoque Du Pilat €15 per night  4 nights Total Spent €62     4*                       GPS N45°24’49” E4°41’29”

Campsite La Grappe Fleurie €17 per night  3 nights total spend €55    2/3*                        GPS N46°11’16” E4°41’56”



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  1. Hi Carol, Hope you are both well and having a fab time!!! We moved on to the Burgundy region for just a couple of days and moved on again since, we are now just a short distance from the Swiss border… heading to Switzerland for a week or so 🙂 then we thought about heading to Germany before we head back to the UK in August xx


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