Marmalade making in Pinoso

We ended up staying at El Tranquilo for 10 nights we are leaving on Monday 16th, when we will then head to Benicassim and hopefully into Bonterra campsite recommended by friends Anne and David, we had planned for only 7 days but the weather wasn’t too good on many of the days that week with cold winds and rain. Once the poor weather had finally abated I decided I needed to get my bike out and explore the town of El Pinos a little, I’d had enough of being cooped up so Pete headed off with the dog to a local reservoir while I headed off to do my own thing…

The town itself is a few miles from the campsite there’s several ways of getting there to be fair either a shorter route of 3.6 km down the main road, or other much quieter gravel pathways or roadways, but the routes are longer, there are local shops and squares to explore and a weekly market place, the walks around the area are great with many hills or if you prefer plenty of flatter pathways and roads to walk alongside the fields of Almond trees and grapevines…


I’d taken my bike, but knew I hadn’t charged that battery for what seemed like ages (bike batteries take hours to charge fully but then last a long time!) so I gave it a quick boost of about 30 mins on the charger hoping it would get me there and back… Not a chance the bike was fine on the way the there, but of course I’d taken a backpack and decided that while I was there I’d stock up on a few items from the supermarket as I was intent on making some Marmalade with the Oranges and lemons that Carolina had told us to help ourselves too… With a heavy backpack loaded with some food supplies including a couple of bags of sugar from the supermarket and also several jam jars purchased from the China shop in the town, I went to make my way home only to find the battery as dead as a doormat!!!

Now those of you with Electric bikes will sympathise or perhaps laugh at my utter stupidity and fully understand the situation I now found myself in, miles away from camp and now carrying the extra weight of a heavy backpack also a now massively heavy almost useless bike weighing another 35kgs with no battery power… trust me peddling alone even in the lowest gear I could, I was still sweating like a pig on a spit roast with the afternoon sunshine really not making it any easier… I’d made it almost all the way back and had got myself finally to the turning off of the main road and was now at the bottom of the small hill near the end of my journey, when I finally caved and phoned Pete asking him to please come to my rescue and carry the backpack the rest of the way, to be fair by the time he reached me I was nearly back at camp, but jeez my shoulders and the base of my back had truly given out by then and have been a bit tender ever since, my own fault for not charging the battery of course and for taking a blasted backpack to boot… lesson well learnt!!!

Well the next day I’d decided to have a cooking day and the Marmalade was made along with some sugared fruit sweets too!!! I have no idea if the marmalade is any good taste wise as ironically I can’t stand the stuff… but Pete did say it was a little sharp (due mainly to the type of oranges used, Carolina had said they were a mix of Oranges and Lemons and had called them “Lemanges”!!!) but the marmalade should be perfectly fine for on toast, or at least I hope so, I gave a jar of the sweets and a Jar of Marmalade away so Pete now has 2 jars of this Marmalade to get through… first time I’d made Marmalade so I didn’t think it was bad for my first attempt!!!

We have had a couple of nights at the bar with meals, although Pete is currently recovering from last night’s episode after having rather a lot to drink, He has been hiding away in bed all day it’s nearly 2.30 pm, I think he has a rather sore head… Last nights drinking shenanigans for Pete included a rather large gin and tonic (in fact it was the largest gin and tonic I have ever seen in my life!!!) followed by a whole bottle of white wine to himself and then some glasses of whiskeys to follow…

We hadn’t even noticed the time and didn’t leave the bar till nearly 1am, which was when I was finally able to entice Pete to leave and stop drinking, but on his way back to the motorhome he proceeded to fall down twice making a right old racket (bumping his head and grazing his eyebrow and forehead), I managed both times after a huge struggle to finally get him back up on his feet and help him walk the length of the campsite to near where our motorhome was parked, which was when he then decided to drunkenly aggravate the big Bull Mastiff guard dog probably aptly named something along the lines of “Rocky” whom the neighbours keep in the garden just opposite the campsite fence… Yes, Pete was actually barking at the dog hence a barking match between them then ensued, I grabbed the keys and left him to it by now I had had enough, and he was on his own… but here’s where things got even noisier after thinking I had muted the van alarm… the alarm siren then went off, Pete hadn’t bothered setting the alarm… so I had then accidently turned the blooming thing on thinking I had just turned it off and then triggered all the alarm motion sensors by getting inside the vehicle… What a Palava, it was like some sort of comedy sitcom, I can only apologise to those on the site for the lack of a decent night’s sleep, for Pete’s outrageous drunken behaviour and again my stupidity for the alarm noise late last night!!! trust me Pete has paid a heavy price for it today, not even getting out of bed till way gone 2pm!!!!

Well the campsite El Tranquilo here is great… We’ve met some lovely people here… friendly long termers Anna and Mark, then Karen and Gary, the owners Carolina and Terry, Steve and Sarah (not sure if I have that name correct), along with another older couple whose names also currently escape me (I am really terrible with names so if incorrect then… oups… sorry!!!)… the facilities here are spotless, the site has only been open for 13 months so everything is new, the owners Terry and Carolina have worked extremely hard getting the site to where it is now, it is definitely worth while having a visit with them, there are not many campsites of this standard that we have found in Europe, and we would definitely come back if ever we are in the area, so we wish them the best of luck for the future!!!

Off to start clearing things away ready for our next road trip to Benicassim tomorrow have fun!!

Happy safe travels everyone!!!

Donna x

Camping El Tranquilo, Pinoso, Alicante. GPS Coords N38°24’34” W1°5’13”   €13 per night on ACSI with 4kw electric free per day.