The Wandering Tortoise

We are still at Palomares, we managed to sit through “Cyclone Hugo” and survived to tell the tale “twas a tad windy” we stayed inside the van and waited for it to pass, while being rocked about and anxiously wondering if the next gust of wind would manage to blow us over…

While staying here I ordered some more Internet on legs sims for our mifi unit from Amazon and at £30 a sim for 12gb of data they most definitely are not cheap, but we were running low and although we have data on our mifi contract and our phones etc its all limited as we are outside of the UK for over 2 months, we have campsite wifi while here but are only allowed to use that on one item of technology at any given time, also I like to make sure we will not get stranded somewhere else along our journey without mifi, mainly because we plan our next stops as we go along using the internet and not every campsite has wifi… I expected the postage to take a little longer than it did and was amazed at how quickly they turned up and the nice camp warden even brought the post down to us, I hadn’t mentioned to them that we were even expecting post and had meant to let them know later that day thinking it would still take a few more days to arrive…

We have lounged around enjoying the lovely sunshine that is once the cyclone was over and we’ve just been terribly lazy for much of the time here apart from Toffi’s beach visits, shopping and the windscreen repair we just hadn’t really ventured far from the campsite in the past week or so until today when lounging around finally got too boring and I became restless and wanted to explore, we found another abandoned urbanization project nearby it was massive and went on and on with roads, pathways and cycle paths all laid but leading to absolutely no where…

Walking these places is to me and of course for Toffi marvelous, not only because it’s such easy walking with the paths and tarmacked roads but other than the odd person here and there, they are just abandoned places, there’s also no traffic as the roads are shut off which make them so peaceful…  It’s somewhat like walking through the aftermath of some apocalypse with weeds growing up through the paving etc, I have such an overactive imagination it runs wild and I half expect the film set of the walking dead to appear and any minute we’ll have to start fighting Zombies off, I absolutely love it!!! Then we came across a skeleton of some sort which again obviously really helped with my imagination!!!

It’s just amazing to see all of these unfinished projects that are just left rotting away where development plans have either failed or been put on hold for one reason or another, In one place we visited a month or so ago there was what we named the “stairway to nowhere”, another half finished and abandoned development with huge lovely patterned paved stone steps which we of course wandered and climbed up to the top of, only to find they led to… yep… “nowhere” but it did have a lovely view from the top!!!

While slowly wandering today along the unfinished housing project we found a rough stony path off of the tarmac road that actually led to a type of natural reed bed and a spring water oasis with the water meandering its way down to it from the nearby hills and mountains, we climbed down to the spring and stood listening to the wildlife around us, I was saddened to think of how much of their habitat the abandoned project must have taken from them, and then we came across a Tortoise, I really didn’t expect to see it and Toffi had never seen one before and must have thought it was just a rock until this “rock” suddenly moved, amusingly it scared the living daylights out of her, she then frightened the poor thing back into its shell by barking incessantly at it… After taking a couple of pictures we left it in peace again… The tortoises here are a protected species, well who knew!!

Happy Easter holidays to everyone, enjoy!!!

Oh and finally a little get well message for a friend of ours who had a bit of a nasty accident this week, Debbie B we hope you recuperate and recover quickly, take care and put your feet up for a while, get better soon xx

Until next time

Take care

Donna x

GPS Coords, Camping Cuevas Mar Palomares N37°14’16”  W1°47’56”  €17 per night + paid for wifi €10 per week

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    1. Having a fab time but we have been extremely lazy travellers we’ve been here for 3 weeks and still haven’t even got our bikes out!!! Ha xxx


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