Part of the Scenery

Well we have been on this campsite for 18 days now, so we have become part of the scenery, and to be honest in our time here we’ve done very little apart from chill out and savour the rest time, we still have our massive plot all to ourselves… it’s heaven.   Christmas came and went, we managed to make time for a few cheeky drinks and make a delicious Christmas roast lunch in our small 1 shelf oven and hob before we then settled down feeling fat and full to watch a few films…

We are just about getting a small WiFi signal up here from the campsites free wifi, it’s just sufficient enough for us to slowly download films and programmes from Netflix during the day, ready for the evening to keep us entertained along the way, we were wondering why the signal had suddenly turned so bad to our own mifi unit and for it to be running so very badly just in the last week or so, we had just assumed the signal was poor up here but looking into it it didnt seem to be the case, it seemed to me the signal should have been sufficient, so I thought it time I looked into it, I managed to take a look into the router settings which due to a poor login design flaw for the mifi unit you can only get to before you first login and it looks like “three” had taken it upon themselves to turn off the roaming in the router settings of the account conveniently just after our little chat with them last week, so after re-adjusting and resetting all the settings to our mifi unit, it seems much better!!! Sneaky are these providers and be warned when they sell you “feel at home, abroad”, “binge, for free on Netflix” or “free to roam” etc… most of this is just sales splatter… double check the small print all is not what it appears to be from these seemingly false advertising descriptions!!! I dare say advertising standards will pick up on it sooner or later and it’ll be a scandal in the media for an hr or so, then cost the providers & companies a few pennies in reimbursements a few will possibly claim at some point but don’t hold your breath, as to be fair it’s how most companies roll and make money…

The last few days here have been stormy with powdery grey coloured storm clouds giving heavy showery downpours in between periods of bright sunshine, sometimes the winds have been so blustery it threatens to blow away anything not secured down around the site, but it was lovely laying in bed last night all snug, dry and warm just listening to the wind howling around us outside and the raindrops tip tapping on the roof….

There’s been some local wildlife visiting the plot and I managed to take a couple of pictures without scaring them away, there’s a pair of Hoopoes who visit daily to feed on the plot, they are a subspecies type similar to the kingfisher or woodpecker family, then there’s the grey wagtails with their lovely colourful lemon yellow plumed chests, also blackbirds and a huge flock of grey coloured magpies, there were approximately 20+ birds just in this one flock that is 20 before I lost count I have never seen a flock of magpies quite so large before…

Toffi has an admirer who goes by the name of Gumbo, he’s a lovely, lively little 9 month old playful little pup, and is very taken by Toffi’s good looks… although unfortunately for him this is not reciprocated by Toffi and he has still yet to win over her affections, he comes by on his walk and barks outside the camp pitch to get Toffi’s attention, I found him very amusing he’s a proper cheeky little fellow whose only vice is that he likes to steal, and he will steal anything he can get his little teeth around, he stole a bag of stale bread much to the horror of his very patient owner until I reassured him it was fine and was only wasted stale bread I was going to feed to the birds, but you have to keep an eye on him as he also tries to steal Toffi’s toys, including her all time and very favoured tennis ball also her rawhide chews… and boy… she would be mad if she caught him!!  Toffi’s eye is much better although still a little red, we could only manage 4 days of the prescribed drops before she refused to allow us anywhere near her with them anymore… Better something than nothing I guess, and it is looking much better so fingers crossed it will be fine.

Pete ordered a mattress topper just before Christmas and it was delivered yesterday, he figured it may help with the transfer of temperatures to the base of the bed, so he is currently busy fitting it and cutting it into the shape of the bed area, so the motorhome is in complete chaos at present, did I mention this topper also weighs a whopping 13kgs… I’m not sure he thought this one out correctly!!! Perhaps he should have ordered a lightweight one… Toffi and I may have to leave him at the roadside if we get stopped and weighed and are found to be overweight by customs and local police!!!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Donna x

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