Farewells & Festive lights


On our last day in Zambujeira Pete and I thought it would be a good idea to have a lunchtime drink which we accidently carried on into the evening, with Pete then trying to teach me how to play the guitar slightly drunk… this was not successful and anyone who knows me well will know I’m not a musically talented person, plus that in my mothers own words I am “cack handed” I am neither a true Left handed or true Right handed person but a bit of both and tend to do different things favouring different hands, for example I write very neatly right handed but can also write a little scruffily left handed as most people can, but I knit, crochet, craft left handed and also eat left handedly, after trying the guitar I declared it too big to hold with it being uncomfortable to my right shoulder with my arm straddling over the guitar and really wanted to favour the other hand and turn the guitar around, but Pete assured me this was a right handed guitar and it wouldnt work as a left handed one I guess the strings would be opposite etc… but with me having both my shoulders repaired it means it’s uncomfortable and painful for me to hold my arms in certain positions such as needed, and it seemed too big for me to also hold in the position I needed, Pete told me it was already a small guitar… so I think maybe a ukulele would suit me better!!! I have succumbed to still being rather musically untalented as I mastered only one note that day so I have now given it up as a bad idea… and I apologise to who ever had to put up with our noise that evening in that campsite but it would have been rather entertaining anyway!!

We arrived at Camping Turismo on Monday just after 1pm the site was jam packed we were given a choice of about 6 pitches to chose from, so off we walked trying to decide which pitch was going to suit us best, 1st was a corner pitch which was way too small for us and the trailer to fit into so we crossed that off the list straight away, one was in complete shade so crossed that off the list also, 2 pitches were right next to each other but already had cars parked up in the pitches and although I could have asked around and found the owners to move the vehicles I just thought that wasn’t actually my job to do, so onto the next spot which was ok although looking at my compass was going to be shaded from about 2pm onwards so checked out the last available spot and didn’t like it as completely shaded all day (the shaded pitches would have been ideal in the mid summers heat but its December and its cold when your out of the sun) so back to the part shaded pitch numbered 613 to set up… after getting comfortable I messaged our friends Anne and David to say we’d got here and we were setting up, they messaged back to ask which pitch we were in and as it turned out would you believe on a site with approx 234 pitches they were just 2 pitches away from us!!!

At Camping Turismo the site itself is extremely busy and very popular the facilities are immaculate and very well kept, there’s a spa, jacuzzi & swimming pool that look fantastic, Bar and restaurant/pizza takeaway, music entertainment area, Play areas for the camping kids and even a good convenience shop on site so there’s plenty to keep everyone happy and occupied…


On Monday evening we met up with our friends and drank, chatted and laughed the evening away,  Anne had made a very good curry which they generously shared with us…  the next day David came over and asked if he could take Toffi out on a lovely walk so Toffi was over the moon, I think they have taken a shine to each other!… Pete went out on the bike with the doggie cart in search of shopping and came back €190 lighter (we’d again failed to catch a supermarket on the way to the site) and that evening we were again invited over for drinks as David and Anne were leaving the next day to go back to the UK to spend their Christmas with family, but if they decide to come back out after Christmas and we are still in the area we might get the chance to meet up again, if we do Pete and I will put on a Barbecue or something for food next time to make up for their hosting generosity… We waved David and Anne off and wished them a safe journey and a very good Christmas… that is once they had negotiated their rather large and lovely caravan out of their pitch and with great skill also managing to avoid the tree that was also on their pitch… Pete and I are going to miss our new friends and their great company as we will now be forced to talk to each other again as the evenings come in!!!


We took a walk to the nearby village of Praia da Luz, we walked along the lovely promenade where there were cafe’s and coffee shops and along the rather lovely sandy beach with waves lapping upon the shore, it is a rather lovely area but the town became rather run down as it lost much of its attraction for family tourism due to sad happenings of the poor little girl Maddie who went missing there whilst on holiday, its not only a sad state for the child & her family of course, but also for this small local community as places like this are dependant on the tourist trade and you can still see how this town has suffered due to this loss even 10 yrs on…


This town is most definitely worth a visit, the place is very scenic the beach is lovely with the palm tree lined pathway leading to the small promenade it really is a perfect setting for lunch or a coffee sat looking out to sea.


We shall venture to the other areas nearby in the next couple of days, we have 3 more nights here before we move on again, poor ole Pete will be breaking out the scrabble or monopoly and trying to get me to play a game or two with him!!

Quite a few people on site are here for over the festive period and have their Christmas lights and decorations up so there’s lots of lovely flashing lights about in the evenings…

Till next time have fun…

Donna x




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