Golden Beaches and Rugged Coastal walks

We departed from Lisbon on the Wednesday and on our way out of the city we got to go over the other bridge “The 25th of April Bridge” (named after the day of the 1974 revolution) a replica of the Golden Gate bridge, it was absolutely pouring down with rain on our last day and night in Lisbon so we made our way down further through Portugal where we arrived at Zambujeira for our next stop of 5 nights, the Zambujeira campsite is well maintained & clean, showers extremely hot, the pitches for the motorhomes are longer but more narrow than some other campsites we’ve been too but perfectly adequate partly shaded but sunny at the front of the pitches, it took us 3.5hrs driving to reach here from Lisbon and we were both niggly and tired by the time we were ready to pitch up so comedy central took hold with both of us bickering, getting ratty and arguing over which pitch we wanted, we moved pitch twice before we settled on the pitch we had both chosen in the first place! this will be our 4th night tonight and so far the weather has been lovely, the evenings roll in cold and it’s colder mornings but by 10am it’s lovely and warm so compared to the UK winter the weather is superb, we ate Paella outside at the campsite cafe which was actually very good & cooked freshly, we chatted with the guy serving us and he told us how it hadn’t rained in this part of Portugal for at least 9 months they are desperate for rain here in fact on the journey down here we saw some evidence of the forest fires that had taken hold in the last few months in Portugal, the Portuguese are from our experience so far lovely, friendly & very welcoming people although Pedro our Portuguese tour guide in Lisbon did say they loved and cherished the British because we helped them to defeat the Spanish in a messy war many yrs ago and they are still very grateful, it maybe explains why the Spanish aren’t as friendly… they just haven’t forgiven us yet… Just teasing because everywhere we’ve been so far the people have been mostly friendly to be fair and helpful, with the odd frosty receptionist just having a bad day at work!

We have been informed by travelling & motorhome groups that there are at least 10 main roads closed off in Spain at present, these are more in the North of Spain and around the mountain areas due to snow and bad driving conditions and some are also closed in France… so if you’re reading this and travelling that way do take care… we are grateful to have made it to better weather before getting entangled in snow with a lack of snow chains which would have rendered us helpless and stranded…

We again have been rather lazy and had a couple of days just chilling at the site doing everyday bits and lounging, but we have eventually ventured out and the small seaside town is impressive with typical red roofed & white painted style houses, Cafes and restaurants spotted around a main pedestrian area, the town is situated beside a coved golden coloured sandy beach and I can well imagine this becomes a very busy place in high season.

Toffi had a great time on the beach running in and out of the sea but there was a couple with 2 young children playing ball and a woman from our campsite with her dog on the beach so Toffi was only off lead for a few minutes before it was time to put her back on her lead (before she got tempted to misbehave!), we got chatting to a friendly local man who told us the best places to go to find lovely views and other deserted beaches but he also told us to stick to the made up pathways as the other rugged cliff paths have been a little unstable lately and easy to lose footing on, so advise heeded we decided to go take ourselves off for a coastal walk.

It wasn’t too far before we came across another beach which was accessed by a load of wooden steps, we could see the instability of where rocks had dislodged and fallen from the cliff side here, there was work ongoing to stabilise the beach cliff fronts at the village beach also, well we didn’t notice until leaving the second beach that dogs weren’t supposed to go on this beach but that nudists were allowed!!!.. but Toffi had an amazing time off her lead running around anyway and it was lovely to see her enjoying herself on the beach running in and out of the sea plus it was deserted with not a soul else on it so we could relax and let her enjoy it, p.s we kept our clothes on as there was far too much sea breeze around, a high tide and some pretty rough waves, and the water was a little too cold for that marlarky anyway…

While at this campsite we met another lovely couple Guy and Jane along with their 4 legged doggy friend, they are on their 1st venture to Europe in their motorhome they have 2 weeks left of their 3 month tour and are loving every minute, I must admit to getting rather nostalgic when we saw them roll up in their lovely converted Iveco Daily, it brought back so many happy memories of ours and then low and behold Pete found our old Iveco being sold it’s currently at the same price we sold it at and still has nearly a week to go on auction… I am so tempted to start bidding on it and getting our old girl back!!! Happy safe travels Guy and Jane enjoy the rest of your trip…

The coast around here is favoured by surfers and I can certainly see why it was high tide whilst we were out and about so only spotted one surfer enjoying the waves, but there were some good waves around even so, though the sea further out was calm the waves were still breaking well here so must be really good when the waves are higher.


as we exited the site on our walks we noticed a car park beside the campsite that had been left and looked abandoned, looked to be a good place to wild camp and just a little further down there was a field upon which two vehicles were wild camping so just in case that’s your thing can always book into the campsite for 1 or 2 nights to empty, refill, use facilities etc and wild camp the rest… the town is literally a short walk away,  I’ve yet to persuade Pete to wild camp he’s still new to all this free parking and feels safer in campsites, but I am determined I will win him around one day and hopefully save us a few quid…

Take care everyone… think I’ve yapped enough for one day!!

Donna x

GPS Coords N37°31’32” W8°46’31” camping villa park Zambujeira

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