The 10 mile bridge to Lisbon

Well we had our 5 nights in Alentejo site which is surrounded by fields of cork oak trees, these are stripped and harvested of their cork bark every 9 yrs once they mature at 25 yrs and can live up to 300 yrs… bet they did a roaring trade in the seventies when cork and cork tiling everything was the rage… but I’m not sure how much longer this trade will be around as even wine bottles are sold with screw tops and many without cork stops these days which seems a shame!! as mentioned before the site was nicely kept, clean and tidy, the owners pleasant and friendly and really hard working at providing a pleasant site you could order pizza’s and other takeaway food, they provided loads of information regarding local towns and cities,  taxi numbers etc and there was a bus that left at 7am and came back early evening but in 5 days I only saw the bus once and as mentioned public transport and dogs is a minefield, but the sites placement was it’s downside… right next to the main road to Evora which everyone uses to avoid the toll roads, we were parked up literally 10 foot away from it a bit like being parked right next to the A38 with big noisy artic lorries and cars whizzing past all day until about midnight and to add to that there were big signs either side of the campsite making drivers aware they were in a high accident zone!!!  the weather was great for most of our time here becoming overcast on the day before we left but it seemed we were out in the sticks so other than walking the fields of oak trees anywhere else you would need other transport to get too,  but even riding the bikes anywhere here was impossible and seemed too dangerous, on one of our trips there were cows, calves and bulls in the field we would usually have walked through so had to detour and walk for a few hundred yards on this road trust me it’s not a road you want to be walking along,  Our five nights cost us €63 with €8 of that electric charge…

Now we usually would use an electric fan heater in the mornings to give a little heat but being mindful of being on a meter for the electric I thought I would be helpful and try the webasto diesel heating system in the motorhome and promptly blew the fuse to it we haven’t been using it much and really should be using it at least once every couple of weeks to ensure the fan and pump do not seize well to cut a long story short it took 2 hrs of searching to find the blown fuse (which was not situated in any of the 3 fuse boxes but under the drivers seat) and replace it webasto heating is now up and running again…

I’ve also been instructing Toffi that she needs to revisit her wearing a muzzle in public training I believe this to be going well I left her with all the info she needs as illustrated below…

We were undecided of where next to go whether we would venture to the bottom of Portugal or at least tour a little of Portugal we decided on the latter and headed towards the capital Lisbon, we estimated it to be roughly 150 miles away so while putting the coords into the satnav and with it set to no toll roads imagine my reaction to the journey of 6hrs 11 minutes I was like, what???? So reset the satnav to take toll roads and low and behold 2 hrs 11 minutes ok so off we set got our ticket on the toll road and had 70 miles of being on this road when the pay booth came upon us neither of us had thought about the fact that you are required to pre-register your payment card in Portugal for paying the toll roads on otherwise they become useless pieces of plastic,  so after much dilly dallying and many curse words and a couple of tantrums later I used cash to pay the toll (I pressed the button for assistance but the assistant was speaking in this Portuguese language so not really of any help to me!) the toll road total came to €30.30 compared with 4 extra hrs use of diesel i guess it seemed reasonable, we then came to another pay booth this time a manned booth which cost us another €9.20 little did we know at the time this was the toll road for the 10 mile bridge to Lisbon the Vasco da Gama at 17 kms (10 miles) long what a structure (kind of puts the Tamar bridge to shame) we saw fishermen digging for clams and shellfish on the mud flats under the bridge and then the size of the city ahead became apparent!


We arrived yesterday at the campsite Lisboa and booked in, the site is massive and with apparently 1800 pitch/plot capacity with over 100 of these available to motorhomes the sites not cheap and you’re definitely paying city prices of €25 per night we have paid €19 per night with ACSI discount but you get this discount only if you stay a minimum of 5 nights the site is in the heart of city life and you can hear the hustle and bustle of a busy city, traffic noise and aeroplanes so if your after peace and quiet it’s probably not for you!

When we set up yesterday Pete had asked for a quiet pitch the male receptionist gave us a plot almost right next to the noisy road and proceeded to tell Pete if he didn’t like the pitch come back and we’ll swap you elsewhere, serious?!! we took a walk around the site  found ourselves a quieter pitch and went back to reception where upon Pete politely asked to change pitch by this time I had already told Pete I would be quite willing to go in and see the receptionist myself and  get us swapped so if there was a problem let me know, just to be clear on the last site I’d gone 2 whole days without cigarettes (no shops nearby) so I was well up for a nice little chat with anyone who crossed my path but Pete being Pete wouldn’t let me and calmly told me no, “it’s ok dear i’ll deal with it”, im sure I heard him mumble something about muzzle training under his breathe, so I just had to wait outside with the dog and see what the result was, I think Pete had probably told them not to upset me or push my buttons as I was feeling a little savage by then and they allowed us to swap pitches without a problem…

Once we get our act together we will venture out and see what the surroundings offer we will update more when we stop being lazy!!!

Until next time look after yourselves and have a great day

Donna x

GPS coords

Camping Alentejo N38°47’36”  W7°41’9″

Camping Lisboa N38.72472  W9.2075 or if you prefer  N38°43’47” W9°12’51”





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