Heading to Portugal

We spent 8 nights at Caceres campsite at €17pn on the ACSI but with a deal of 4 nights for price of 3 or 8 for the price of 6 so we took advantage of this for the 8 nights for 6 enjoying the warm weather and meeting some very lovely new friends Anne and David, we hope to meet up with them again later in our travels as we all seemed to just click as friends and it’s great to have some fun company and a good old chin wag, on one of our evenings together I helped Anne set up her own travel blog we were using the lousy slow campsite internet which made it a challenge but I think we managed it, so we will now follow each others travels and adventures!


While we were at Caceres we made sure we had stocked up with food, having done 2 trips to the Carrefour Hypermarket during the week so we should be good at least for food now for a couple of weeks, we also took a trip into the city and the old town for sightseeing duties! the Old Town is a nice part to visit with maze like cobbled & mostly deserted streets, there’s even a tuk-tuk and driver for hire to take you around if you don’t fancy walking it!  We quite enjoyed our time at this campsite it wasn’t the most scenic of places at the entrance being right across the road from an industrial estate and a big football stadium next to it, but the site has a good vibe about it and neither of the above can be seen or heard when you’re on the campsite, you can however hear the sheep with the bells hanging from collars around their necks in the field behind the site (the noise from those bells must drive the poor animals insane!) it’s also slightly different to other campsites that we’ve been to so far on this tour, as each pitch has its own wet room with your own hot water shower, wash basins and toilets in, which is a great touch…

It was also Toffi’s 6th birthday while we were here and she enjoyed eating a bit of steak from the neighbours and ourselves, she also got a couple of new frisbees for enjoying a bit of exercise with, it was also our 4th anniversary the day after with Pete making the huge effort of sharing his apples and bananas from the fruit bowl with me and telling me that our pet pot plant were my flowers for this yr… guess there’s always hope for next year! We had in all fairness enjoyed a meal in the restaurant on the campsite and also in the Old Town earlier in the week to celebrate.

Our next stop is at camping Alentejo near Evora Monte, Portugal at €12 pn with metered electric (we are allowed a certain usage i think it’s 8kw a day and then we get charged if we use more) good job its warm here and so far we’ve not really needed the electric heater, we set off early on Sunday at about 10am to reach the next campsite not really knowing how far or how long it would take us to get here, it turned out it was just over 100 miles and we arrived at midday (including the time difference of an hr) chose our pitch and got ourselves settled, the weather has been great so far 23 degrees at least, the campsite is tidy, well kept and clean, but there is a busy main road running right next to it so the road noise will have to be tolerated, we are booked in for 5 nights,  Pete did think and assured me when choosing this site that the nearest town was only half a KM away from this campsite but we soon realised that again we are out in the middle of nowhere and the nearest Town Evora is according to google maps at least 9 miles away along the busy main road that has no paths, (so that’s Pete in the dog house after reassuring me there would be places of interest and at least a shop to walk too!) lets hope I don’t get a dose of cabin fever again, although there is a Castle in a place called Evora Monte about 2.5 miles away that we shall attempt to walk to tomorrow (shown in the photo below that Pete took tonight from the campsite as the sun was going down) hopefully we can find a path away from the main road, again we have heard conflicting accounts as to whether or not we are allowed to take the dog on public transport if your dogs small enough to carry in a bag etc they are allowed on, but any bigger and you may not be allowed on grrr what a stupid rule…


We got chatting to an Irishman the day we turned up at Alentejo who was travelling through Europe for 6 months accompanied only by his dog Polly, he told us he left the wife at home with the kids and grandkids and this was his anniversary present, it turned out he’d been at our last campsite Caceres the same time as us also…

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