It’s Halloween!!!

We moved on another 100 or so miles today after spending nearly a week in Camping De La Bastide which was a little gem of a campsite and owned by a lovely British family, we were forced kicking and screaming to leave the campsite as it was closing down for the winter season but to be honest i think the owners deserve their up coming break, they were all very hard working while we were there and the campsite is immaculate although the shower block was a little breezy on the colder days/nights due to the open style roofing on the block but plenty of hot water and like I say lovely and clean, the campsite owners couldn’t have been more helpful as while we were there it just so happened we had to renew our motorhome insurance on the October 30th and they printed off our new insurance documents for us which would keep us legal while driving through different countries…

Which leads me on nicely to the fact that on the way to Camping De La Bastide there was a stop check point where the Gendarmes and Customs were stopping and weighing Motorhomes, lorries and the like, we smiled brightly at them as they waved us through they must have made a calculated decision that they would be wasting their time to stop us as we had a trailer so had obviously made sure we had our max weight laden and loaded correctly, now I had heard stories of these type of stops and the horrors of those that were found to be over their max permissible weight and had been fined, forced to unload extra weight etc but this was the first time I had seen one, boy were we grateful we had the trailer that day!!!

While at the Bastide campsite we relaxed in the sunshine of the first couple of days, did everyday things like clean and get the washing done (always a struggle to get washing dried while living in a motorhome if the weather isnt nice to hang it out so I always take advantage of the good days to get it all done), we also had a couple of picnics down by the riverside at the campsite at lunch times to keep us going and we took comfort in the electric fan heater and also the Webasto motorhome heating system on the colder days, although Pete doesn’t like me using the diesel heating too much as he doesnt like us using the diesel up for heating when we are hooked up and paying for electric, but when it gets cold he has no say all heating systems are going on, aint no way I am living in the cold!!!


We took a couple of walks through the town nearby, some of the buildings were clearly very old and as with many French towns there were many closed down shops and run down buildings but overall a reasonably pleasant town with the River Gironde running down beside and through it, we took a riverside walk the day before we left and walked on the outskirts of the town back to the campsite, on the main Street there is a lovely bakery who sell the best and most amazing Citron Meringue Tarts, but to be honest I am a little fed up with eating so many damn baguettes!!!

On one of our walks through town we purchased ourselves a pet plant I have no idea what it is, but it’s pretty so lets see how long it stays alive with us in charge!!IMG_2859

Its Halloween night we have no treats in and we’ve landed ourselves in what looks like a Gitan/Gypsy campsite for the night the campsite is called La Solanilla, I’m hoping we dont get trick or treaters tonight… the campsite is looking pretty run down due to end of season and I’ve just been told there is only cold water in the shower block and wash basins but the owners have told Pete they have opened up a couple of the guesthouse units up at the top of the campsite where hot water showers are available, the campsite is busy and has lots of chickens running around of which Toffi is taking great delight in trying to catch when they come near her pitch… if she gets one we will have to eat the evidence!!  We plan to move on tomorrow and will maybe cross borders into Spain we are finding a lot of campsites are now closing for winter season so we may struggle and have to do some wild camping after all we have solar panels, gas and heating on board just got to find places to fill with fresh water for the tank and off load grey and black waste…

Well early to bed early to rise, I am off to have food and grab some sleep then we’ll be on the road again tomorrow take care all,


GPS Coords

Camping de la Bastide, Pineuilh N44°50’39”  E0°13’29” €17.40 pn

Camping La Solanilla, Midi Pyrenees  N43°41’49”  W0°8’17” €15.40 pn