Rendezvous’ & Repatriated naughty dog!!

We stayed at a small campsite called camping de la Riviere where we spent 6 nights at €11 per night the campsite owners were away on honeymoon at the time so a friend was looking after the site for them and would come collect your fees in the evening, during our 6 nights here we met several British couples an older couple came and chatted with us when we had first pitched they came to look around the campsite they actually lived nearby and had lived there for 13 yrs but had never been to the campsite in their motorhome so they were curious as to what it was like and whether they wanted to stop over, they left and returned early the next day in their motorhome the lady generously had some books for me to read, they decided not to stay at the campsite but go to a friends site instead, in the meantime another British couple pitched up next to us called Karan and David and would you believe it we chatted and it turned out they also came from the same locality in England as us had family in the same areas etc we had a few drinks together and chatted the next evening away outside the motorhomes under the cover of the awning a lovely evening was had with great company, we also met a couple that now lived in Luxembourg Sarah and Robin, Sarah was American and Robin was English another very lovely couple.

The village near the campsite was small with little to offer as with many of the smaller villages here, although there was a bakery, church, school, sports ground and a busy bar/restaurant which we stopped at and had ourselves a quick drink outside, we walked over the river to the village there was an aire nearby but was used by the gitan (french for gypsy’s), the bridge over the river was an incredibly narrow looking single lane we had been warned about this bridge by the other couples at the campsite and told to avoid it, but I measured it roughly by foot and we found we could get over it which was lucky for us, as that was the way we needed to travel after our stay, the weather was lovely and sunny while we were here we spent those 6 days chilling out, relaxing and sitting in the sun and making friends, we made some nice meals and took a couple of small walks, we got the clothes washing done and dried in the great weather and used the free wifi.


Well it was time for Toffi’s holiday at the Kennels so we travelled on to Phil and Lin, they made us a lovely lunch and Phil took the time to show us around, Toffi was supposed to be in kennels for 7 nights but she really didn’t have a great time separated from us and would cry during the day and also at 2am and get herself in a pickle being stressed out so we had to go back and collect her after just 2 days, when we picked Toffi back up from the kennels (Toffi ran straight past me and into Pete’s arms – now that’s loyalty for you!!!) but in those 2 days we travelled to visit with Pete’s mum and Malcom in a village called Charme where they currently live, we went out for a belated birthday meal at their favourite French restaurant which was absolutely lovely the food was amazing, I feel like I’ve eaten so much in the last couple of days we’ve been very well looked after, picking Toffi up early placed us in a bit of a situation as Pete’s mum is currently in a rented property so strictly no animals allowed inside, so while Pete is catching up I am keeping the dog company and staying in the motorhome that’s parked up just outside in the garden..

petes mums

we are also getting the chance to stock up on motorhome essentials and make repairs such as the wing mirror which has turned into some what of a debacle, turns out Pete didn’t order the cover guards for the mirrors but the actual replacement part which is fine but not what we expected and so to fix it Pete had to remove the actual mirrors which of course both broke as they were being removed, Malcom has been superb and has taken Pete out in his car in search of motorhome shops and parts dealerships and for other essentials that we needed to stock up on, Pete also got parts for the trailer to help keep the bikes from toppling and moving about when we’re towing the trailer so the boys have had their work cut out in the last few days…

We are trying to decide whether we will over winter in Spain or Portugal we are undecided but siding with Portugal as Spain gets busy with Motorhomes over the winter and the weather is similar in both Countries over winter so we shall have to make a decision soon…

While we were at Pete’s mum’s we ordered what is called “dry mat” it’s stuff that’s used on boats under the mattresses to help stop condensation building up the stuff is pretty expensive and cost us £80+postage as we’d noticed that due to us using the motorhome full time we were getting condensation building up under the mattress in the mornings, this is caused by the differing temperatures due to the bed being above a colder area of the garage and with our body temperatures and the warmth from above it was causing a condensation issue below which meant we were having to lift the mattress for a hr each morning to air it out to stop any areas getting damp or becoming fousty, anyway we came across this dry mat stuff in our search of a cure we ordered it on the Wednesday with “assured next day delivery” which cost a extra whopping £65 so a total of £145 but the delivery didn’t even get to us till noon on Tuesday so nearly a whole week for next day delivery (and yes, we did get the extra postage refunded!) Pete removed the slats and fitted this matting and we trialled it, sorry to say it hasn’t quite worked to plan like we wished so an expensive experiment as although it reduced the condensation it didn;t cure it, we’ve now put the slats back in and will trial it with the matting over the slats to see if this reduces the condensation more if not it will be back to airing the mattress daily (“dont nobody have time for any condensation problems!!”)

After spending a lovely week with Pete’s Mum and Malcom we travelled 100 miles further South and have stopped for a few days on a lovely site called Camping De La Bastide the owners are British and ever so helpful giving us 2 pitches one to put the trailer on and one for ourselves, we’ve taken advantage of the weather and got ourselves up to date with all clothes washing, cleaned out the van, reset up all the bed, set up the new replacement dash cam, typical as while doing that, the other dash cam realised it was being replaced and magically decided it wanted to work again would you believe it..!

After all of this we had a small healthy picnic by the river Dordogne consisting of a packet of crisps and a bottle of wine!!


There seem to be quite a few Brits on this site and we were chatting with a lady this afternoon named Carol whose travelling with her husband Andrew, they have a blog called “Our time to travel” they have plans to travel to Thailand/Vietnam backpacking how exciting!!! I shall definately be following their travel blog…

Until next time folks!

take care


GPS Coords

Camping De La Riviere N45°53’21”  E0°40’36”

Camping De La Bastide N44°50’39”  E0°13’29”







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  1. Funny how you go all that way and meet people from our area! It’s a small world:)
    Glad you had a good time with Mum and Malcolm and hope Toffi has got back to her old self.
    Sounds like you’re having a great time – looking forward to the next instalment.
    Hope you’re both ok – loves ya xxx


  2. Isnt it always the way doesnt matter how far you go haha yeah Toffi is doing fine shes back to her normal self being really annoying lol Your mum and Malcom were fab and both looking great having a lovely time we’ve just moved on from our last camp and stumbled into what looks like a gypsy camp for the night will update and tell you all about it its halloween so i hope we dont get any spookys tonight 😀 love to all xxxxx


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