Droite, Droite!… Drive on the right…


Well what a week we have had, we moved on from the idyllic Des Combes site to another site called called L’ Aquarrelle du Limousin, little did we realise until we got there we had actually travelled 50ish miles up country Northwards rather than further South (I blame Pete and his map reading skills for this as he chose the site) the drive here was how shall I put it… Interesting, as one of the first roads we needed or had planned on this journey was shut off due to roadworks, so we were sent all over the region to get back on route and ended up being sent through a small narrow town called Aubbusson where we were forced to squeeze through two buildings with only an inch to spare on either side (please note.. I didn’t take any photos of this as I was far too busy with my eyes shut whilst breathing in thinking this would possibly make a slight difference, plus our dash cam is broken else it would have made great viewing!!) it was scary stuff and all I was thinking was that we were going to end up as one of those embarrassing meme’s on facebook or something and just how much duct tape do we have on board?. We eventually managed to get back onto a more manageable route much to our relief…

What I have noticed is that it takes hrs to get anywhere in France what is supposed to be a 50 mile journey according to the sat nav can take 2.5 – 3hrs, that is if your not using Motorways and avoiding the toll charges, plus being so big you are speed restricted and the speed limits change due to going through any built up areas and speed restrictions here are again dependant also on weather conditions, (not sure the distance is accurate on the sat nav either) but we are in no hurry so its all good and when we can or need too we pull over and let any traffic that could be building up past so it keeps everyone happy.


Well we stayed at L’Aquarelle site for 2 days (€17pn) we arrived during French Lunch time so all barriers and reception were closed so took a quick walk along the lakeside and we sat and had some lunch while patiently waiting for them to open and allow us to book in, the campsite we found to be a little run down and unkempt and unsurprisingly not very busy with only 3 of us on the site in those 2 whole days, although the toilet and shower block facilities were new and clean, there was also an Aldi very nearby so was great for restocking, but what I did notice was whereas in the UK we would use those big stone boulders to stop travellers from considering using an area on this campsite they were actually using those big boulders to mark out the pitches (not such a hot idea when you can have some big vehicles manoeuvring on a daily basis) but still we managed to get in and out without too much agro… although I did have a rather good old chuckle when Pete tried to leave the site, he couldn’t understand why the automatic exit barrier wouldn’t lift and asked me to get out and put the access code in… it was then that I, as navigator, thoughtfully pointed out to him the reason he couldn’t leave was because the French actually drive on the right and yep you guessed it, Pete had forgotten and was trying to exit via the left entry side!! a lot of laughter followed… that is until we both realised that we would now have to get out and unhitch the trailer and reverse to correct our position and re-hook-up the trailer to continue (Luckily for us we were the only ones around to witness our embarrassing boo boo as it was again lunch time for the wardens and everyone else had already left the campsite phew!) reassuringly though I did remind Pete again as we set off to try to remember to drive on the right..

Yet another nerve racking drive through many single track D roads baring in mind that we have the trailer which makes reversing either arduous or impossible as the trailer either jack knifes or we have to unhitch, but luckily for us we met very little oncoming traffic on these roads and when we did it was small cars and at places where we had a little room and could allow each other through, it would seem our sat nav tries to punish us if we make a wrong turn and takes us down these tracks to get us back on route even though later we realise there seem to be perfectly good main roads that we could have taken and would have been much easier to drive on instead.


We arrived at Camping De Montreal at St Germain Des Belles €15pn we decided to stay for 7 nights mainly because we are such lazy travellers and the drives are so traumatising for myself, plus on ASCI prices it is 7 nights for the price of 6… but at this rate we might not make it out of France! the campsite is pleasant and clean again with a small lake beside it (the French seem to like their lakes!) the village consists of a good general store, a Tabac Cafe/Bar, 2 butchers, a bakery, plus of course the 14th century Church with Bells… we believe the village to be called St Germain Des Belles because the bells ring every hr plus a single chime on the half hour which is quite pleasant then at midnight and midday they seem to ring twelve times twice over just so you know what time it is of course…


Time for chilling out now, catch up soon, take care people


P.s I have decided to include the co-ords that we have for the campsites we have or are visiting just for info and in case anyone may be interested in them.

Camping Des Combes Felletin Limousin Co-ords N45°55’14.879″ E2°9’55.721″

Camping De Montreal St Germain Des Belles Limousin Co-ords N45°36’42”  E1°30’5″

Camping L’Aquarelle Limousin Co-ords N46.2432131 E1.5061432





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