Magic & Mushrooms!


We have been on Tour for a month already… a whole month on the road, its a little disconcerting to know just how much time has literally flown by… We are currently situated in an idyllic and extremely tranquil forest camp site next to a Lake, the site is called Des Combes in Felletin at €13.80 a night, its owned by an English couple who found and purchased the site back in 2008 at the time it had been shut down and was in a state of disrepair so they have spent their time rebuilding and renovating the site, we decided to stay for 8 days here due to it being so peaceful and with the bonus of lovely hot showers, although I admit I am starting to get slightly restless, most of the time we have spent here the weather has been wonderful though with just a couple of rainy days, on sunny days we have rambled through the countryside the site owner mentioned that there was a bridge somewhere nearby to cross over to the other side of the lake but we have yet to find any bridge, the first outing we walked all the way down the road and hill we drove in on and took a stroll along a river at the bottom of the road where we found electric cable markers that looked like land mines… I kept yelling at Pete “dont stand on those we’ll be blown to smithereens!” I think he missed the humour completely…


The next ramble we found ourselves down at the bottom of reservoir wall i did indicate to Pete that I didn’t think we were supposed to be walking here due to all the Privee and no entry signs plus barriers (I even took a photo of him under the sign that I’d pointed out to him on the way in, as we rambled back out!!!)  but as usual Pete was in his own little world and ignored all my warnings even the locked and spiked gates at the top of the reservoir were not enough to pre warn Pete, Well what a trek he took us on, we walked and climbed the reservoir from the base right to the top of the otherside, I even climbed the metal staircase at the otherside while Pete and Toffi climbed the wall trying to find this elusive bridge but to no avail, so we then climbed and hiked all the way back down and over, even the dog was scared stiff and froze in fear at times, we then rambled through the woods and down to the quarry site where the was a huge concrete tube used by the quarry I told Pete this was actually a waterslide and if we could just find our way to the top it’d be such fun to slide down…



The other days we have spent here were spent either cleaning, doing washing or just chilling out, on one of these days we took some drinks and a little food with us down by the side of the lake and had ourselves a picnic, we have taken the time to inspect the mushrooms growing nearby and those we have spotted on our walks, Cep mushrooms are growing on our pitch then there are the Liberty mushrooms we found growing in a couple of clusters also a couple of Fly Agaric’s (so some of which are definitely of the hallucinogenic variety and growing in abundance this autumn in France) others we failed to identify and then we have also had a few little creatures around as visitors…


There’s been a max of 3 pitches taken here all week, ourselves in our motorhome and a Dutch couple in a caravan who have been here all of our visit, then a British couple with 2 small children turned up in their motorhome and spent a couple of days here too,  we chatted and found they were also touring for a year they had come over through the tunnel just the day before us.  Other than that the occasional tourers who were just stopping for the night before they carried on with their journey’s.

We’ve been wanting to get on our bikes more so that we can explore further afield but Toffi has demonstrated her total dislike and fear of the Doggyhut and tries desperately to escape it when we put her in it, so for now it is a matter of trying to persuade her of the benefits as on longer walks we have found that she starts limping on the paw that she has a missing toe on and she’s far too heavy a dog to be lifted or carried far, we shall persevere with short rides around the campsites until she gains more confidence in our bike riding abilities.


We have observed our touring style to be pretty lazy and laid back compared to that of others (demonstrated by Toffi in this next picture enjoying her morning lay in) we tend to have stayed on camp pitches much longer than others, who mostly seem to be just passing through but in our defence most of these travellers are only on holiday for a couple of weeks whereas we have a whole yr to travel so we are so far not in any rush, we also have rendezvous’ to make as we plan to put Toffi into a friends kennels for a week on the 14th Oct (cozy cats and dogs kennels) while we visit Petes Mum and Malcom, so Toffi will be taking her own short holiday while it gives us chance to travel up to visit,  we aim to get nearer to them in the next couple of weeks.


Pete being such a sensitive soul seems to have been bitten multiple times so far on this trip whilst I seem to have escaped from all the biting insects being the hardy soul I am, Toffi has the protection of Advantix drops that she has regularly which seem to work most of the time… although she has insisted on laying over what look like spider mite nests a couple of times and has been bitten to shreds on those occasions but she heals within a couple of days, we did bring Avon skin so soft with us as that is supposed to stop the biting but Pete keeps forgetting to put the stuff on so I am wondering whether i should put some of Toffi’s Advantix drops on Petes neck instead…

Pete ordered the parts we needed for the repairs to the wing mirror but the suppliers have sent some of the parts to our house that is now rented out despite 4 emails asking that they send the parts to friends or relatives addresses in France,  hopefully our tenants and rental agency forgive us and take pity on us, so we’ve now had to ask Pete’s relatives to chase the parts up when they’ve been delivered to the UK and collect these then from the agency and if time allows hopefully Pete’s mum may be able to bring them to France with her once she’s finished her holiday in the UK, what a kerfuffle…

Enough rambling on for one day have fun enjoy

Donna x