Duct Tape to the rescue!

Well we moved on from the LaRoche, St Amand Ferrand municipal campsite after 7 days which as mentioned I was less than impressed with due to the run down nature of the site (those promised hot water showers that turned out to be luke warm/cold showers were enough to drive anyone nuts and give anyone who dared use them hyperthermia!), but to be fair it turned out to be a very sociable site the wardens were friendly and we met a lovely couple Wendy and Phil who were holidaying in their caravan, but who had had a mishap when the cambelt in their 4 yr old car failed and totalled the engine less than 20km after leaving the site earlier in the day so they were then towed back to camp with their tails between their legs and in a very upset state and scared as to what would now happen, after reassurance from us that their insurance and other types of cover that we all take out would cover their recovery, travel home and after arrangements had been made the rescue truck came from UK as promised with a hire car on board ready to swap with their de-funked car much relief was felt, poor Wendy was in such a state when I first spoke to her my heart broke, but we offered help and gave some much needed moral support, so all was good in the world again.

We were then invited up for drinks as a thank you along with another couple who had also helped Phil & Pete along with the rescue truck man push the car from the car park onto the truck to be taken back to the UK. After a couple of days they were happily on their way home. While drinking us women all compared our navigation skills turns out we were all at the same level with the navigation and none of us actually know where we are headed which is very reassuring… tales were told and laughter prevailed especially when the other British couple confessed to have driven into a metal height barrier and totalled their last 3 month old motorhome…

We also met a very nice Swiss Woman who had been an Au Pair in Wimbledon for a couple of yrs when she was younger and a very nice Dutch woman too although I could not really understand a word she was saying.

Strange sightings are nothing new on some campsites so here’s a taste of what I saw while we were at the LaRoche campsite for 7 days a French couple who brought their canary with them in its cage which hung from their caravan once they set up, then not 10 minutes after seeing this a woman walked by carrying her black cat in a baby chest holster…

On the wet days we drank wine & my friend Debbie’s bootleg sloe gin which I saved for just such an occasion (Thanks Debbie!), I read books on my kindle app believe it or not I read 6 books while at this site (I read books quite fast & there were a few days of wet weather! if there are any good books you recommend to read please feel free to tell me about them…) If we have free campsite Wifi we stream Netflix to watch films on cold damp evenings its a good change from French TV… We didnt have free Wifi in the last site so used our Mifi unit and managed to use up one of the £25 a go 12gb data cards we brought with us in just 5 days as well as data from my 3 mifi contract!!! the wifi here is free but very weak in signal so we’ll see how we go…


We had a few days with some nice dry weather while at the site so made the most of getting our growing mound of washing clean & dried, took the canal walk a couple of times which was very nice also wandered into the little town and walked through the market.


We travelled then from this site down to a lovely small site called Camping Des Combes in Felletin, Limousin.  I must say so far it has been very scenic and very tranquil the views are amazing.


While travelling down the D915 we had the misfortune of having a minor mirror collision with a French motorhome driver who while giving an over enthusiastic wave wandered and veered towards us managing to make the mirrors collide in all fairness the mirrors on motorhomes are massive and do stick out by about a foot so i guess this is easily done neither of us could stop as there was traffic behind us both and no stopping places, but when we got to the next stopping place we stopped to view the damage we have a broken mirror casing and the indicator lens that is on the mirror is smashed, we will source some mirror guard covers and a new indicator lens asap as the cheapest option at approx £50 and fit these to cover and temporarily repair the damage for now then replace the whole mirror which will cost approx £200+ when we get back to the UK but for now Duct tape is our hero…

Take care, catch up soon!




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  1. Fabulous sights andy is shareing your caselera de Delabro wine as you can tell i have had a couple cause i think I spelt it wrong xxxx love the updates take care both of you xxxxxx

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