From little acorns come mighty Oak trees!

Day 13 and it seems we are settling into this living like trailer trash within a tin tent, and nope no cabin fever as yet to report… although there have been times where the other has had to breathe in to allow the other to pass in the limited space available.

So we moved on from Chateaux de Bouafles after 4 days which we found was a fantastic site with our own little private garden so to speak, we would recommend this site and at $15 a night with discount using ASCI it was a gem, we then moved onto a much smaller site Les Abrias Du Perche situated in the forest of La Ferte Vidame again at €15 a night with discount from the ACSI card where we again stayed for 4 nights, it just so happened a 2CV convention was happening at the site, some amazing old cars were there, one was brought back here by a British couple who were enthusiasts and had brought over one of their own 2CV’s with them to show (apparently they had another 4 2CV’s back at home!)

We learnt that the secret test track for Citroen was in the grounds of the Chateau La Ferte Vidame and that Citroen destroyed the prototype for the 2CV during WW2 to stop it from getting into Enemy hands.


We took a walk around the village and the Ruin’s of the Chateau La Ferte Vidame which was built 1675 restored 100 yrs later in 1775 and then destroyed in the French revolution about 15 yrs after restoration such a shame it looked a magnificent building.

21552063_10212759382753409_7082316870739837649_o.jpg 21427450_10212759388553554_2363673116823772121_o.jpg

While we were visiting the village the locals were having a Fete with small orchestra playing some wonderful French anthems, we didn’t stay long… but here’s a picture of the church built in 1659 frequented by a couple of hobo’s drinking wine at 10.30am.


We also met another British couple at this campsite who had been travelling since March but who had had to nip back to the UK for some medical assistance and were now going to stay at this campsite for a month to recuperate, 4 days in that site however was enough for us and we were into moving on…

I left Pete to his own devices with the map and choosing the next site to move onto and the next morning we were ready to roll, while putting the address into the sat nav the sat nav decided to have a hissy fit and mess around trying to find a satellite to communicate with, so while that was trying to find itself we set off in the general direction 20 mins later the Sat nav decided to play ball and pinged back to life telling us that we had 148 miles to travel.  The sheer look of horror on my face told Pete he was probably in for a messy half hour of dirty looks and snide remarks from myself along the journey after last night reassuring me it was no more than 80km (50 miles) away…

So 4 hrs later and after getting lost at least 3 times during the journey, we arrived at our next destination Paradis Nature, which is in the region of La Chapelle-d’Angillon and it is another lovely site €15.5 a night with the ACSI card all we need now is the weather to improve.

Now you may be wondering what my title about acorns and Oak trees have to do with anything but on every French site we have stayed on so far there have been some mighty big Oak trees above us and don’t be fooled folks those small acorns may be little but the can make a mighty big bang on a tin tent roof when dropping from a big tree.

Till next time have fun and thank you for following our travels…

Au revoir



2 thoughts on “From little acorns come mighty Oak trees!”

  1. Perhaps a map may be helpful when the sat nav is misbehaving lol.
    The one and only time we went camping was in France and we had to suffer the tail end of a bad storm. Our tent was below an oak tree and for 3 days we endured bang- bang- bang from the acorns, and the floor of our tent was like being on a hot water bottle, so i do sympathise !!!!
    Hope you enjoy your next site xxxx

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  2. A map? What is this thing u talk of? Lol yeah I think I may have to learn the skill of map reading… those pesky acorns although I am glad we are not in a proper tent think we would be suffering foot rot and all sorts of nasty by now 😂 Hope u are all well xxxx


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