We made it to France

Well much to our amazement we’ve managed to survive 5 days so far!!! we travelled from Stonehenge touring park to a campsite in Folkstone called the Warren for another couple of days, a bit of a small single traffic lane heading down to the site which was a slightly worrying\stressful couple of minutes, a couple that turned up the next day told me how they were worried about getting their much smaller VW van down there so they were pretty impressed when they saw our much larger motorhome plus trailer parked up, I must admit that I failed to tell them by the time we arrived safely I was pretty stressed out and having palpitations, I also left out that I had had to get out of the motorhome at the split higher in the road before the entrance to find out if we were even going in the right direction and if we’d make it down, but to be fair Pete did make it look easy and the sea view made it all worthwhile.
Now I don’t know if this happens to everyone or if it’s just my experience but I am sure like with boats you get wobbly sea legs when you get to dry land and by this campsite I was having a similar kinds of thing I guess we’ll have to call it Moho legs that strange motion feeling even though you are on solid ground.
On the 4th we’re planned onto the 11:50am train through the Channel tunnel but many a traveller we had previously talked too had told us that if you turn up earlier and they have the capacity they will gladly shove you on the earlier trains and thats exactly what they did, we were on our way through the tunnel by 10:30am woohoo we were actually slightly relieved too as we hadn’t realised the next campsite we had booked was nearly 200miles away.
Now travelling for any amount of time can be tiring and towards the end of the journey with just a couple of breaks for the dog to relieve herself and for us to get refreshed we were starting to feel exhausted the sat nav had done us well for most of the journey and we had decided prior to the trip that we would use the toll roads to get us here a little faster, it always seems to get much more interesting though towards the end of the journeys and yep of course this journey was going to be no different.
We needed food supplies so we were trying to spot a supermarket I spotted one and we headed for it but took a wrong turn and ended up doubling back on ourselves through a quaint little French village at school chucking out time, we managed to avoid all pedestrians and I navigated us into the supermarket carpark which then to my horror looked like it had height barriers to all the exits of 2.9m turned out luckily for us it had one exit without barriers not sure what the propose of those height barriers are on only certain exits but after getting a few supplies in we were again on our way.
I’d managed to put the name of the campsite into the sat nav but the street didn’t count with house numbers so we got a little confused with the sat nav telling us to turn right we had reached our destination and that’s what we did, yep turned right and right into the narrow back lane of the street we needed with a nice sharp turn at the end I kid you not this lane looked more like a pathway so I again got out to take a walkies and see what lay ahead.
There was a lovely old French guy going into the back of his garden who I think was really impressed with my pigeon French who told me depending on the size of the vehicle we could go through but if it was a large vehicle maybe not, but still he managed to give directions as to how to get to the campsite which I kind of understood but not to worry as I headed back to the motorhome another guy was pulling into the turning behind us and his English was great he reassured us we could make it out the lane if we turned right and then left at the end and that the campsite we were looking for was just ahead down the road he was right we managed to escape we did at one point think we would have to unhitch the trailer reverse the Moho and rehitch but we were lucky again oh and just for good measure the old guy was now stood chatting with a friend both with a look of amusement on their faces as we manoeuvered round those sharp bends secretly I like to think they were more impressed with my French than they were of Pete’s driving as we waved goodbye to them.
Anyhow we arrived safely at the site not long after and I must say it’s impressive compared to the expensive £25+ a night English campsites we have a lovely large private pitch with water and electric for €13 a night we are at Chateau de Bouafles the site is massive with about 200 pitches but doesn’t feel so and is beautifully kept and so far very quiet, we met a lovely English couple who are on a 7 week tour, and have told us that the Claude Monet house and gardens are a must see while we are in the area, after travelling 580 miles in the last few days we are just chilling for the day today and have only taken a couple of small strolls one being down to the river Seine we will adventure out more tomorrow.
P.S French beer is pants!!
Catch up later peeps

3 thoughts on “We made it to France”

  1. Oh my so much excitement, lol.
    Glad you’ve got to your first site safely ( eventually haha ) .I usually find if you at least try to speak a bit of the lingo, and if they are able, they will talk to you in English – they put us to shame lol.
    And yes, Gray says French beer is pants!!!! Hope you enjoy the Monet gardens, take it easy for a couple of days. Looking forward to the next blog. Loves ya both xxx


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