And… We’re off

So yesterday it finally happened, after spending the last week catching up and saying farewells to our friends and family,  cleaning the house thoroughly ready for the tenants to move in, we packed ourselves up and moved into the motor home, we now officially live in a tin tent with a trailer.

We loaded the trailer up in the pouring rain at midday said goodbye to our neighbour Val and off we set, all of 3 miles up the road to Marshmills, Halfords after Pete declared we had forgotten towbar grease…

Towbar grease acquired I then declared it Costa coffee time before we navigated ourselves out of the high kerbed car park designed with mostly cars and smaller vans in mind, then we restarted our journey onto our first stop Stonehenge Touring Park.

Now this is where I start to wonder what the hell we have let ourselves in for, before we set off I asked Pete if he needed me to set up the sat nav “no, I remember the way it’s all good” came his reply, I didn’t question this as we had visited the site a couple of yrs ago so off we set confident we’d get there without using my dreadful navigation skills.

well I got slightly bored on the drive so took a look on google maps to see how long the journey was going to take, google assured me it would take approx 2hrs 20mins then helpfully started giving the odd direction here and there.

Well eventually nearly 3 hrs later we got near the campsite and this is where the adventure got how shall I say “interesting”, we headed off the main road towards the site entrance which I pointed out to Pete who then decided that wasn’t our campsite entrance sign and carried straight on past where we were now headed for the narrow village roads, after declaring himself “a little lost” and with google maps on my phone telling us to turn around Pete suggested we might need the sat nav now.

Pulled into a turning point and with the truck sat nav now on alongside google maps we carried on the route, the truck sat nav practically screaming “do not carry on this route” while google maps and the narrow road telling us we had no choice (no chance of turning a 10m long Moho and trailer here) luckily I had overestimated our length/height into the sat nav so although it was practically giving itself hemeriods we got through this village by skin of our teeth and with my white knuckles holding on to the door handle for dear life. We managed to circle back to the very campsite entrance we had driven past just 10 mins earlier…

Once on site we unhooked the trailer and got ourselves settled, we took a peek into the trailer and found our bikes had shifted and they now needed slight attention, then Pete also managed to repair the fridge door lock as that had decided to fail just before we set off and had to be gaffer taped to stop the fridge contents from being expelled at speed on any given corner, these jobs done meaning Pete has landed himself back into the good books after scaring me half to death with narrow roads and his casual drive through the narrow village lanes, and so the adventure continues.

Until next time folks…





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  1. Haha, start as you mean to go on!! Hope you’re future travels aren’t quite so scary lol – enjoy xxxx


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