Dairy Farms & Dirty Welly Boots!!

As of 6th January we’ve found ourselves pitched up alone other than some empty caravans on a dairy farm at £14 per night, West Middlewick farm campsite, the farm itself is nestled between the hamlet of Nomansland and Witheridge amongst the rolling hills and fields on the outskirts of Tiverton, what a brilliant adventure awaits us here, the farm itself  has approx 80 cows, 60 or so sheep, a fair few chickens, 3 geese and now new to the mix there’s also Pigs!!!

Foolishly I took a peek inside the calf shed, scolding myself for stupidly not expecting to see any calves in there at this time of year, (surely winter isn’t the time of year for cows to be calving right???)… but boy was I in for a shock, I hold my hands up I clearly know nothing regarding farming & cattle, there were at least 3 young calves in there that I could see… plus a couple of lambs, but one calf stood out from the crowd for me, this one looked very special indeed, it has a gorgeous love heart mark on its forehead… just, oh my days!!!… I hope they call it Shirley or Valentine… I think I may have fallen for my first cow, I even started to worry whether it was too cold for the poor thing and woke early hours that night worrying about the little calf that I’d already named Valentine in my head, I should never have looked inside that shed… I’ve stayed away from the animals and calf shed ever since!!!

Bare in mind as mentioned before in the blog I am absolutely terrified/petrified of fully grown cattle, my time here is going to be soooo much fun!!!  Apparently you can help at feeding times with the young animals and watch the milking of the cows this is extremely tempting for me… I’ll think on that one although I’d probably end up wanting to take the baby animals home with me so this feeding malarky may not be the best thing for me to do, but you never know… I have a week or so to think about it, I have massive respect for farmers they always amaze me with their dedication with the sheer amount of what seems like a constant workload, the family here are friendly and from what I can see I think there are a few generations of them working here… with it being winter the cows don’t get much chance to get out in the fields until the fairer weather so I guess this makes the workload even higher!!!


We found the pigs shed too… after asking if it was ok to do so Pete thought it would be a great idea to feed them a half loaves of bread that we had hanging around… I stayed outside the pig shed because I had Toffi with me but inside it sounded like Pete had set off some sort of murderous riot with the pigs screeching and squealing at top volume (pigs are loud!!!) I asked him to get some pictures he came back with these… chuckling I did tell him they weren’t exactly the sort of pictures I had in mind, but hey…

We took a walk across the fields here and down along a river, boy is it muddy and yukky in the UK countryside in winter time, we decided our best purchase this year was most definitely our welly boots!!!

Of course Toffi’s loving all the mud and muck, and has now started to insist on finding the muckiest patches to play in, just look how proud of herself she was after running right through this big muddy field-gate puddle!!! (She didn’t however enjoy the wash off she got when she got home outside before she was allowed to re-enter the caravan!!)

Tiverton Canal 

We awoke to a frosty start on a Thursday morning and although we had planned to head to South Molton to the weekly market early today we changed our plans last minute as we are considering staying here another week, hopefully we can go to the market next week and take a good look around but instead today we headed to The Grand Western Canal in Tiverton and took a long walk along the canal side instead, the day started off with the grassy fields covered in frost and parts of the canal still had ice over the water surface…

Knightshayes Court

We also visited Knightshayes Court where I took a walk around the inside of the Gothic style house, while Pete and Toffi explored the garden what a fabulous place we will go back for a good old walk around the grounds!!!


As promised we went back to Knightshayes to walk around the grounds and the woods…

South Molton 

We then visited South Molton on the next Thursday the farmer here on site had told us the animal market is on that day so of course we had to go and nose around, true to word there were lots of sheep in pens and trailers being sold and transported…  there’s also an indoor market here in the town where they have stalls for fresh veg etc there were some nice independent shops around and we also stopped for lunch of chips and sausages at the local chippy…

Killerton House 

We then visited Killerton House and took a walk around the grounds here too, Killerton house if I am honest isn’t the most attractive house from the outside and with muddy boots on there was no chance of going inside… so we strolled the grounds for a few hours!!! On the way to the House that morning I made Pete pull over to take a picture of the fog amongst the valley…


On the farm campsite here they have a farm shop where you can purchase meat, raw milk, cheese, fresh veg pretty much get whatever you might need if you wished… in the last few days we also seem to have a few escape artists from the field next door teaching her young lamb independance or perhaps they are just wanting a little quiet time away from the main flock… very cute anyway and harmless enough so not going to tell tales on them it would seem the grass is greener in this field anyway!!!


While here Toffi has had to visit the vets for her annual check up and injections, we also decided it was time for her to have a growth on her foot rechecked as although it is a slow growing, seemingly harmless lump thats now been there for 5 years, it’s in a bit of an awkward place and we have to make sure it doesn’t get too big before it’s removed otherwise there won’t be enough skin in the area to close the wound, but lately it has started to grow just that little bit more and its looking a little more sore and brighter red in colour than usual, so Toffi’s now booked in at a local vet on Wednesday morning for it’s removal we’re due to move on from here Sunday but depending on any follow up treatment Toffi may need we may have to wait and see… We are thinking of going back to our fav Newquay site to wait out some of the winter weather with James and his family but will have to see what we decide…

I’ve been looking into different diets and settled on trying the potato diet for myself… you can lose nearly a stone in a week on this diet so I really need to look into it, has anyone else tried the potato diet? any advice?? since we’ve been travelling I seem to have put on a tad bit of weight!!!

Until next time, Take care, I am off to dream of potatoes!!!

Donna x




New Year, New scarf!!!

In our last week at Woodland Springs we made the most of it enjoying some milder weather compared to the wind and storms in the previous weeks which enabled us to get out and explore even more.  We found ourselves drawn towards exploring the nearby reservoirs, Meldon was our first, we planned to walk around it completely but we got halfway and found our access restricted by a no entry sign on a gateway so we were forced to turn back although we later learned that we could have gone in a different direction away from the reservoir and enjoyed a moorland walk instead!!!

Just look at some of the magnificent pictures we managed to snap here are my favourites of the whole post!!!

My imagination ran away with me as we were walking along the waters edge and enjoying the sights, there’s a small island here pictured below I am guessing largely used by water birds such as ducks, but I told Pete it would be my place of refuge & safety in the event of an armageddon event…I’m sure the Zombies or bad people looking for trouble wouldn’t find me here all I would need was a small boat and a tent…

On our way back from the no entry sign Toffi managed to get herself into a bit of a pickle involving a …boggy area her little face was a picture when she suddenly sank into a bog unaware of its existence which was amongst the reed bed she was exploring… Good job she managed to get a bit cleaner by the time she got back to the car otherwise we may well have made her walk home!!!

Our next visit was to the fantastic Fernworthy Reservoir and a gorgeous walk of several different scenes here some were along the waterside and a very scenic walk then through the sun dappled dense woodland where some of the trees were what seemed like the height of skyscrapers… then much to Toffi’s delight some more marshy swampy bogs to jump around in!!!

There were some stunning views here we walked the whole way around the reservoir and most parts of the walk were great although there was one part of the walk where wellies would have been ideal footwear just due to the huge amount of mud and several walkers appeared before us attempting this part with walking shoes caked in mud, but after navigating this part I thought we got off quite lightly due to us wading off the worst of the beaten muddy track… there’s also a burial site here with some burial chambers exposed along with bronze age settlements and evidence of their stone round huts along the way…

I finished making a pretty decent scarf in the time I was avoiding human contact which Pete promptly asserted ownership of… Merry Christmas Pete!!! You can see Pete wearing his new scarf in some of the pictures above… enjoy and stay warm Pete!!!

I managed a good catch up with a couple of good friends Debbie and Ally in Plymouth it was amazing to see them and have a good old chat, they both looked amazing and we spent the afternoon drinking hot chocolate, tea & coffee and chatting until it was time for me to drive home… a lot of friends hadn’t been able to make this meet up due to the short notice and that it was on a weekday so many were working, I’d arranged a meet up a week or so earlier but unfortunately I’d had to cancel (sorry for the mess around!!) hopefully we will get to catch up with more people next time we are in Plymouth…

We made some new friends at the Woodland Springs campsite and spent a couple of evenings in the company of Carole and Andy who have a seasonal pitch there, with the owners of the site Chris and Jan also joining us for some drinkies and a lovely spread of food that Carole had prepared, Thank you all for the great company and great evenings, keep feeding the birds for us!!!

The campsite became pretty busy over the holiday season and over the Christmas and New Year dates especially where the site went from just having a handful of us on site to being about 2/3’s full and this then felt extremely busy for me….  with me sometimes not being the most social person around this time of year I vowed Christmas day not to step outside the caravan at all that day just so that I didn’t bump into anyone and have to wish anyone a happy Christmas… and I managed it… I then repeated it for New Years day, yep I was feeling super social on those days!!! Soon it was time to move on, and on Sunday 6th January 2019 off we pootled onwards to our next stop… The next destination I will leave until the next blog post…

I will be social enough now to wish everyone reading this blog post a very happy and prosperous New Year and I will catch you all up on our next adventures soon until then enjoy the pictures, take care!!!

Donna x

A wander when weather permits!!!

The weather has been atrocious with rain, harsh gusting winds and what seems like a constant stream of endless storms, you tend to notice these things even more when you live in a tin tent, how I wish we’d again gone over to enjoy the fairer weather Portugal or Spain has to offer at this time of year!!!

I had to go to Plymouth late one afternoon for an appointment with the Dr and I was dreading the hours drive as I have absolutely no sense of direction, and without a sat nav I am useless, although Pete did make me even more nervous when he kept telling me directions of where I had to head too and again after I phoned him upon leaving the campsite to tell him the sat nav wanted to take me the A38 way instead of the A30 (I’d remembered him telling me to get to the A30 and not to go the A38 way) he then did nothing but worry, telling me not to go the way the car sat nav was trying to take me as it was just constant narrow country lanes for at least half the journey if I go that way… I had to kindly remind him it would still be fine and not to worry, as unbelievably I do actually hold a current UK driving licence and I am sure I could handle an hours drive to Plymouth, country lanes or not…

It seemed his worrying was totally unnecessary as I bravely (for me anyway) ignored the Sat nav went in the opposite direction and would you believe it I managed to find the A30 (the easy peasy route), After my appointment with the doctor where I then again bravely obtained 5 steristrip stitches and also managed to have a quick rare catch up with my mum before my trip back to the campsite in the dark…

The drive home started out well, I figured it wouldn’t be too bad a drive, that I’d just head to Tavistock from Plymouth and head out to Oakhampton from there, this was a great idea until I hit a “road closed” sign at Yelverton roundabout and was then diverted by the satnav to Princetown, now it seemed my only way home was to go over the moors, actually it turned out to be a really great drive and although it was pitch, pitch black out there on the unlit moorland roads, they were also pretty quiet at that time of the evening, so the drive was tranquil and pretty easy going…. I went past the Warren House Inn on my journey this pub is also worth a visit it has a fire which has been burning and never once gone out since the pub was built in 1845, having visited in the past I remember it’s a very quaint and lovely pub to visit… now the only downside to driving home on this route was I hadn’t managed to get any food as I’d planned to stop off at Morrisons on my way through Tavistock and grab something to eat on the road before my detour…  so I was starving when I pulled up to the van just over an hour later!!!

Fingle Bridge

We have managed to get out and about when the weather has permitted us but we have had to wrap up warm too as it’s been pretty cold with the wind chill and there’s been lots of water on the roads!!! On one of the intervals where we had a respite from the bad weather we visited Fingle Bridge for a walk, what a lovely place to visit, an easy walk for most abilities the walks here are pretty flat which was a bonus for me, we walked from Fingle bridge to Clifford bridge and then back, the woods turned out to be such a stunning place to walk through… We walked approx 4 miles that day easily and only turned back because it was getting late in the day and the dark comes in so early on the short winter days…  There’s also a lovely pub at Fingle bridge so after a nice walk here you could alway grab some food or refresh yourselves with a quick drink if it takes your fancy!!!

Chagford and Mortenhampstead

Our next visit was to the stannary town of Chagford and then on to the town of Mortenhampstead both are lovely quaint towns and nice places to visit although Pete annoyingly kept correcting my pronunciation of the town name Chagford which I much preferred to pronounce with a “Sh” at the start…!!! after our exploring we decided to stop and grab ourselves a treat of a pint and a packet of crisps in the rather lovely pub the Three Crowns in Chagford, where Toffi was also treated to a few dog biscuits and a rather lovely fuss over from the bar staff who also took her picture!!! I was told by the camp owners there’s a place called the Birdcage that is a great place to eat in Chagford too!!!

Oakhampton and Simmons Park

We shopped at Oakhampton where we also purchased some bird feeders/food and also found a suitable kitchen roll holder for the caravan, we decided to check the little town out while we were here, it turns out Oakhampton is much bigger than we gave it credit for and to be fair we only figured this out by chance, I’d asked in a haberdashery shop for a certain wool item (I’ll explain it later) she didn’t sell what I wanted but told me where to go to get it instead, so we ended up in a part of the town that we hadn’t even realised existed, we also found the post office which reminded us we also needed stamps and then spotted a sign for the local park which we thought Toffi might like a walk around, so off we went to check out this “Simmons” Park, it didn’t disappoint, the park was quite large and full of dog walkers, the park itself even has several houses inside it and then theres a riverside walk to top it off, well who knew??!!!

Buckland Beacon

We also took a stroll to a place called Buckland Beacon on Dartmoor a place where there are tablets with the ten commandments engraved into 2 large tabs of rock, apparently I’m told these are called commandment stones… we had a rather windy, chilly and soggy walk to get to them where Toffi revelled in running through large muddy puddles and then managed to confuse herself behind a gate she had somehow gotten behind… the hill here was used as a fire beacon signal point, it’s rumoured that from this point the Spanish Armada was also first spotted!!! The wordings on the giant tablets here were first engraved in 1928 by a W A Clement who was commissioned to do the job by the Lord of Buckland Manor, history says it was seen as a victory for Protestantism where parliament rejected the proposed new book of common prayer!!!

Finch Foundry & Sticklepath Village

We visited Finch Foundry and although we found the place to be shut there were information leaflets available giving info of the 2 local walks available, one just a short 20 minute walk around the outskirts and village then a 45 minute one going through the Oak wood along the river Taw just a little further on the outskirts of the village and also this part of the walk being part of the Tarka trail, we opted for just the short walk as the rain had started to come in again and Toffi hates walking in the rain!!!

Pete took a visit to Plymouth and stayed over night there to have a night out with friends, not only did he come back with a hangover, but he also brought back germs with him, he assures me it is most definitely man flu… but not to worry Toffi is already helping him get over his ailments with one of her great snuggles…20181216_134550

As mentioned before the weathers not been all that great so I’ve been keeping myself busy with a hobby I hadn’t be able to do in ages, Crochet and amigurumi… I haven’t made anything for a couple of years until now, this has been due to me having had poorly shoulders, but here’s a few of my past makes… I’ve made two of what I call mindless granny blankets in the last week… I like to make these as I just don’t have to concentrate on them at all and I can easily be doing these while watching TV of an evening!!!


Andy and Carole came down and introduced themselves to me while Pete was away in Plymouth, they brought us down a Christmas card and some spare bird food, they have a caravan on a seasonal pitch here at Woodland Springs and had read our blog post, we had then chatted on facebook they are coming back down Boxing day and have invited us up for a couple of Christmas drinkies on Boxing day that will be lovely… P.S Andy and Carole if you’re reading this your feeders have been filled and you have a lovely red robin who has been feeding from there regularly!!!  (the birds on this site can certainly eat some!!!) have a lovely Christmas and have yourselves a safe journey we’ll see you when you return…

I cannot believe it’s Christmas day in a few days time!!! I have done the old traditional thing and purchased a good ole “TV Times”… haven’t done that in years… I’ve already been studying what programmes are on over the Christmas period to keep us entertained, and I have laid sole claim to the remote!!! I aim on going Christmas food shopping in Exeter in the next couple of days, it’s always hectic Christmas food shopping even though the shops only really close for 24 hrs these days everyone always still buys enough to see them through a week easily (remember the days when the shops would actually be closed for a week at least???), to be honest I’m really just looking forward to living on Turkey leftovers for days, eating masses of brussel sprouts and chocolate!!!

What ever you are doing for the Christmas period this year enjoy and have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!!!

Until next time take care

Donna x

Woodland Springs Touring Park – Venton

We arrived at woodland springs touring park on the morning of Sunday 25th November 2018 we received a warm welcome by the camp owners Chris and Jan who allowed us to pull up earlier than usual and showed us to our pitch and helped us settle in before they themselves set off for a lovely short break to Tiverton in their caravan for a few days…

We managed to settle in and have a lovely quiet night before the storms that were due finally hit us, well storm Diana certainly wasn’t a storm to be ignored, not so much for the rain but for the strong winds and with gusts of 70+ mph, boy did those gusts make themselves known, luckily the direction we were parked in with our back end into the wind helped stopping us getting bucked and rocked around too much in the gusts, but the tree on our pitch caused a bit of concern when I noticed the whole turf area at the base of the tree was moving around and lifting when the gusts were really harsh, that poor tree took a beating that night and I just hoped it didn’t come down and more to the point that it didn’t come down on us or anyone else passing by… Update: the tree survived as did we all thankfully, although we did have to help some other campers take down a tent in the wind when we noticed them struggling…


While the storm was raging outside we were stuck inside all cosy, even the dog was refusing to go outside into the wind and rain so we stayed in until the weather started to improve, when it did improve we took the chance to go get some more fat feed balls for the birds as we’d found that there were ample empty bird feeders here at the site and so we figured it would be a nice gesture for the birds at least, if we filled them and gave them some food and boy were these birds hungry… they are currently going through at least 2 fat balls a day plus a feeder full of peanuts every other day but what a joy to see so many birds taking the opportunity to get a good feed, they seemed to be having a real party and telling all their friends about the feeders here too, it’s been a constant feeding frenzy from them… and then what a lovely surprise when we looked out and noticed a greater spotted woodpecker feeding from the peanut feeder!!! (not such a great thing when the bird starts to peck on the roof though!!!)


After suffering cabin fever during the storm, once it had eased it was time for us all to get out, stretch our legs and explore some nearby places our first stop was to Lidford Gorge owned by the national trust we arrived at the cafe had our cards scanned and then drove down to the Gorge because for winter large parts of Lidford Gorge are closed off for safety reasons although you are still allowed access to the gorge but walkers at this time of year are urged to take extra care as the pathways and steps down are extra slippery due to the wet climate and autumn/winter weather…




We next took a very soggy and muddy walk up to Brentor Church where we just managed to take shelter inside the old church as the rain came down in a heavy shower, so while waiting for the rain to ease off again we inspected the inside of the church, once the rain began to subside we finally stepped back outside and were treated to the sight of a double rainbow…  the original church built on this site back in 1130 and I can certainly see why they chose this special and scenic spot…




We aimed on finishing off the outing with a nice pint but sadly by the time we got to the Highwayman Inn at Sourton we found it had closed at 2.30pm, disappointed we instead took pictures of the outside, this is a pub if you are passing through that you must visit while in the area, it is renowned for the eccentric building and collection of allsorts of items inside and out… originally built in 1282, on the outside it now has shoe on one side of it and a stagecoach entrance on the other side, it’s a very, very quirky pub and well worth popping into for a visit, there’s lots more quirky stuff inside to view!!!

On the Saturday rather than rest we decided to explore somewhere much more locally, so leaving the campsite via a gate at the back of the site, we joined a rather muddy and water logged byeway and made our way to a place called Spinsters Rock, an old buriel ground, allegedly the rocks here fell down one night and 3 old spinsters managed to lift them back up into place all by themselves before dawn… Inside the field where the stones were located there were also some very angelic sweet looking sheep… those who know me will know I hate entering fields that have farm animals in them and I try to avoid doing this at all costs.

I am not so hot on farm animals they always seem to want to approach me, most likely sensing my fear, so you can guess what this lovely looking little flock of fluffy followers did… yep you’re right they tried to approach me, so with me panicking having these fluffy white animals taking a lively interest in what I was doing in their field, there was me threatening them with becoming my next meal advising them to keep their distance and assuring them I was most definitely not known to be vegetarian and I meant what I was saying if they came any closer or god forbid tried ramming me, I was going to eat them!!!  (crikey though these sheep are quite stocky, strong and sturdily square looking things when you get close up and cosy with them, I really forget how big these animals can be sometimes… as for Pete he doesn’t take much notice of his surroundings at all and insists all farm animals are friendly… for example a few months ago Pete forced me to walk through a field full of massive bulls telling me it would be fine only to find a “keep out” warning sign on the final gate on our way out telling the public “Danger, keep out, dangerous bulls loose in the field” I could have turned the air blue with my words on seeing this sign and also cursed the farmer also for only putting one warning sign on just a single gate instead of each of the at least three gates entering into that single field… After all I would have had a much stronger argument in persuading Pete that day why I was unwilling to walk through that field, luckily the bulls were having a mellow day and mostly ignored us… just giving the odd stare as if to ask why we were trampling over their patch that day… but I was keeping a close eye out just in case I needed to jump the electric barbed wire fence and hedgerow next to me anyway!!! It reminded me of when I was young and we’d first moved to Plymouth I was taken on a school trip to a farm and the farmer literally had to carry me out of the field of cows, I was that petrified… It was the first time I had ever come face to face with a cow and these guys are big!!!…. Well you just don’t get to see cows when you live on a council estate in London!!!

We will have been at Woodland Springs Touring Park for 2 weeks come this Sunday, we have found the owners Chris and Jan to be lovely, they have been both friendly and helpful, and have also helped patiently with my parcels. The park is an adult only site so there’s no children running around, the facilities here are clean, heated and to my delight there’s a hairdryer available, there’s other things I really love about this site too like the fact there’s total recycling, even any leftover food waste has its own recycle bin (although Toffi usually finishes off any leftovers we have), but I think being environmentally aware is really important, and it helps minimize our overall impact on the environment, it’s nice to see site owners realising how environmentally and cost efficient recycling as much as possible also is, there’s also no bright or intrusive overnight lighting here either which again is great for the environment, wildlife and overall countryside… the site definitely benefits from being without any of the garish lights glaring out from everywhere and obscuring the sights of the stars in the night sky,  so with the place being free from light pollution you really get to see the sky at night clearly here, just remember to bring your torch though in case you need to go out after dark…

The site benefits from being a really peaceful and what I would call a tranquil getaway site, its located in the middle of Dartmoor with lots of surrounding places to go visit, we aim to happily stay here until after the Christmas period.

The site also has washing machines and tumble dryers available at a reasonable cost and free to use iron and ironing board…

The tariff here is £23.50 per night but Pete pointed out the special deal here that is 7 nights for the price of 5 this brings the daily tariff down to £16.78 per night for us therefore bringing it back into an affordable and reasonable price range that is acceptable for us… the site also has seasonal pitches available if you are looking for a seasonal pitch.

We went on a visit to Exeter city to see what hand made goodies the Christmas market stalls had to offer and took a stroll through the city trying desperately to get myself into the Christmas spirit, for various reasons Christmas is not always such a great time for me, but this year I have decided to try to feel just a little bit Christmassy and Pete has even purchased a small Christmas tree for us to have in the caravan, and I even bought us advent calenders (any excuse for a bit of chocolate)!!!


Today once the rains had eased off a little we decided to get out and take Toffi out for a nice stroll, we visited Stover Country Park, it was a crisp cold day but it was a lovely muddy woodland and lake walk and so very scenic…

After our walk we dropped into Trago Mills where I purchased a bucket of 50 fat balls for the birds and quickly looked for some new wellies, Trago didnt have my size in the wellies I needed so going to have to order them from the internet, hopefully the site owners here forgive me for all my package deliveries!!!

May you all take the time to visit many of the lovely Christmas markets around at this time of the year… until next time take care

Donna x

Woodland Springs Touring Park 7 nights for price of 5 @ £117.50 per week (£16.78pn)        GPS 50° 42.302 N 3° 51.099 W  or locate the park via postcode EX6 6PG

Dartmoor – The heart of Devon

We’ve been busy since being at The Dartmoor Halfway Inn campsite, we’ve been on some great walks and seen some amazing Tors, we’ve celebrated the dogs 7th birthday, oh and also our 5th wedding anniversary.



We were booked in here until the 25th November 2018 so we’d had a good 2 weeks to explore the area, Firstly we took a trip to Berry Pomeroy Castle apparently if you believe in such things the place is supposed to be heavily haunted, to me it just looks like a once stately home, like many others gone to ruins, I didn’t see or hear any ghosts although as a non believer I may be slightly biased… it was owned by the Seymour family (by Jane Seymour’ brother) who then extended the castle in the 1500’s but by the 1700’s the castle was dismantled to such a degree that no one else could ever live there… the castle itself was closed the day we visited, but the grounds were open although we had to be careful what direction we took as a wild fowl shooting hunt was also in progress here, so amongst the frightened screeches of the pheasants being forced from the comfort of the undergrowth and relentlessly hunted, the grounds still seemed an attractive place to be surrounded in all directions by the autumn colours and scattered leaf covered woodland pathways.



We hiked up Haytor, I say hiked as we’d ignored the car park nearest to the Tor which made the walk longer and steeper than it needed to be, and although Haytor isn’t really a massive walk I thought I may still have had a heart attack by the time I made it to the top, however the views from here were fantastic, so it was worth the struggle.



After our hike at Haytor we then visited Widecombe in the moor where we found a BBC film crew filming a new series called “Gold digger” apparently its out next July, after a short walk around the village that’s famous for Uncle Tom Cobley and his Widecombe fair and friends we had a nose around in the National trust gift store (full of gorgeous locally handmade goodies) we voted to go have a pint in the pub down the lane called “The Rugglestone Inn” what a lovely quaint little country pub this is, apparently the food is very good here but we couldn’t say as it was nearly afternoon closing time when we managed a cheeky pint here…




We then did the Little dartmouth coastal walk, this walk is amazing, but again I struggled walking uphill and being lazy I prefer more level walks and cursed the adventure whenever it took an uphill stretch, but again what sights and views we were treated too, plus there were very few people around which was an absolute joy for Toffi as it meant a little more freedom for her…



It was Toffi’s 7th birthday so we took her to a place called Parke where the National trust run a stately home here and which again of course was shut upon our visit but the grounds were open to visiting and we took a stroll around the lovely parkland where Pete declared he had found this years Christmas tree for us and where Toffi got to have zoomies around with not a care in the world on her special day, she got to run around in the long and short gass then have a good old nosey around in the soggy smelly marshland… obviously this type of run is just heaven to any dog!!! Afterwards we took a quick stroll along Totnes river…



Next was a trip to Hound Tor, we found ourselves here on a very cold but crisp clear day, after driving with the intention of visiting Becky Falls which disappointingly we found to be closed… so on we drove until we spotted Hound Tor and figured we would take a stroll up there instead, if you’ve never been before and you like exploring Tors this one is a must… it’s quite a forgiving walk and again with stunning views across Dartmoor, most of the Tor is very climbable even by novices like me, the stones are marvelous, and we found a lot of letterboxing containers up here, so again a popular pass time if that’s your thing this seems to be a very popular place for it…



On our way back to camp we decided to see what the shop we’d spotted earlier called the House of Marbles was all about… once inside we found again lots of gorgeous handmade goodies for sale here also with a department dedicated to glass blowing, a museum and also there’s lots of gifts and as the name suggested, marbles for sale!!!

We’d been at The Dartmoor Halfway Inn campsite for 2 weeks and for the most part the place seems fine on the whole the gardening is good and well kept with the privacy hedges well trimmed and kept in great condition and the grass is kept well etc the toilet blocks are very well decorated, heated and clean enough, the showers are lovely, powerful jets and piping hot water which is great at this time of year I think a lot of campsites don’t realise the temperature of the water in their showers need to be very warm at this time of year…

But there are some minor irritations here on camp such as the security barrier just didn’t work for us for the first week we were here which meant we had to phone up and get them to lift the barrier every time we came home from an outing.

Although the toilets were really nicely decorated there is a lack of toileting facilities here with only one toilet and 2 showers in the females shower block and again just one toilet and 2 showers in the males block for the whole of the campsite other than one toilet and shower in the disabled bathroom so when the campsite is busy which it tended to get at weekends, it just wasn’t acceptable for people to be queuing to use the toilet, there’s 20+ hard standings, plus numerous tent pitches on site.



Other facilities here include washing machines, but take my advice and just do not bother wasting your time or money using them, they charge here by time and using these worked out extremely expensive considering £1 per 20 minutes for example a cotton wash/hot wash if you needed it is 3.5hours, I shall let you work out the shocking total you’d spend for just one hot wash!!)…


I was left pretty peeved and it felt like daylight robbery after paying for 2 rapid 30 minute washes which I don’t really like doing, but figured it wouldn’t hurt this one time,  I was unwilling to pay for the much longer washes here, so once the washing was finished I put the freshly washed and spun loads into 2 seperate tumble dryers, imagine my sheer anger when after 80 mins and spending well over £10 in drying cost later the washing was still just as wet as when I had put it into the dryers, I was livid if I’m truthful, I approached the reception and told the staff, the manager was busy at the time probably a good thing, but the staff agreed that having by this time used at least £14 in the laundry, wasted most of my day and still finding my clothes after more than 80 minutes in the dryers to be just as wet as when I started was just not acceptable, but even when I did finally get to chat with the Manager it didn’t help with my feeling of anger, she was pretty nonchalant about my complaint and told me she hadn’t encountered any issues from other campers regarding the performance of the machines (I doubted this to be true to be honest as I’d observed in the last 2 weeks even the long termers here just don’t use the washers or tumble dryers… at that cost who could blame them!!! I proudly remained calm smiling politely on the outside (yes my friends would also wonder what was going on, I’m not known to be the most patient or pleasant person when wronged!!!) but there i stood wondering if it was worth me getting angry in front of a pub full of people but instead I chose to remain calm and friendly and walked away whilst inwardly imagining all hell of nasty happenings instead!!!) we were left with no other option that day but to gather up our still wet washing and go find a laundrette that could actually save the day and get this washing dry before it started rotting, we found a lovely friendly and cost efficient laundrette in Chudley which then cost a further £4 to get the 2 loads dry, just wished I had done the whole job with some decently timed hot washes there instead (I worked it out it would have cost me just £10 to have fully washed and dried all of it here!!!) what may also not be apparent to some site owners is that using a cold/cool wash isn’t always what is needed by full timers, especially when you live in close quarters with a slightly adventurous smelly dog and if you also have OCD tendencies, you feel your washing needs more than just a dash of cold water and a splash of detergent to freshen and clean it… besides the fact that these washes are not even adequate enough most of the time to even dissolve the washing pod tablets so you end up with a sticky patch of partially dissolved plasticy washing tablet now stuck all over your clothes too… great…. trust me it’s just not such a hot look!!!

The Dartmoor Halfway Inn serves food all day, I can vouch for the cooked breakfast and thought they are fairly good value for money at £6 each, and with a large pot of tea between 2 (giving 3 cups each) they were really good and filling, being the week of our anniversary we thought we would treat ourselves and had an evening meal here too, in my opinion it just wasn’t such good value, reason being I had a turkey roast, and for afters I was given one small scoop of ice cream with a shot of espresso to put over it, Pete had fish and chips with an apple and pear crumble with custard for afters and we had a pint each the bill came to £47 now the presentation of my meal was lovely, but I had such a meager amount of turkey it was in fact ridiculous… there was a whole 2 small mouthfuls of turkey on my entire plate, but then to make matters worse there was mounds of this horrid tasting sausage meat stuffing type stuff, the veg and the jus however were lovely… also the waiting staff were lovely and attentive, question is would I pay £47 for a pub meal here again…?? perhaps ask me when I have calmed down over the laundry rip off dilemma!!!

Then I have to mention the road noise here which is to put it bluntly… extreme, the noise calmed down after midnight and would start getting busier again by 5am almost every day as the campsite is directly beside A383, the main road into Newton Abbot, although we enjoyed our time at this camp and the site fees were reasonable for the large, private feeling, fully serviced pitches at £16/18 per night I would describe this campsite as more of just an overnight stopover or as a motorhome pub stopover but the location was good for us to get out and about to visit different places in the area so its not one to be ruled out, Karen and Graham also came for a visit with us in the pub one lunch time so having the pub there was quite handy for visitors…

While driving around the area we encountered lots of travellers camped up in caravans, converted vans and horse boxes at the sides of the roads and some groups even in small fields and some near field entrances, all seemed to have been there sometime and I have to admit due to the price some of the UK campsites are charging lately I am more than tempted to join them all!!!

We left Dartmoor halfway Inn on the 25th and made our way to our next stop a campsite called woodland springs you can read all about our adventures here in our next update…

May you always find good laundry facilities… till next time,

Take care

Donna x











Site sitting in Cornwall

Well it’s been a while since I last updated the blog so hopefully you’ve made yourself a cuppa and got yourself all comfy for another good ole readathon… We arrived safely to one of our favourite CS campsites… Higher Lanhainsworth…

Now we’ve been coming back here repeatedly to this very site many, many times in the last fews years, it was the first campsite we visited when we first picked up our lovely Granduca motorhome… in fact this picture was taken on this very site at the start of our adventures in that very motorhome!!!


Autumn is such a lovely season to be out and about in and the sunsets here at this time of year are magnificent and looking at the picture of Toffi she seems to remember this place too!!!!

We’d previously also spent a week here one New Years, where we found ourselves all alone on the site in good old UK freezing winter temperatures of -6°c, the memories we have of this little place are fantastic and I would highly recommend you book a visit, as I mentioned the site is a small CS (a Camping and Caravanning Club Certified Site) the site is clean, tidy and peaceful, and reasonably priced, it consists of 6 fully serviced hardstanding pitches and approx 10 grass pitches, in the last 2 years the owners have made improvements and installed Toilets and showers onto the campsite, there’s camp wifi available at a cost, along with tv points on the hardstanding pitches, the site is within walking distance of the local town of St Columb Major, where there are many shops, a hardware store, a coop, a post office, cash machine, hairdressers, library, laundrette and many more shops it also has at least 4 pubs along the towns length…

Well the last time we were visiting the Higher Lanhainsworth site we’d chatted with the owner James and told him of our newest venture – bespoke property/site sitting you can visit our website here at      http://someonesathome.com/      and wouldn’t you know it James realised he could really use our services as his family holidays were coming up, he’d been considering shutting the site down or keeping campers to an absolute minimum, but instead booked us up and here we found ourselves helping to keep Higher Lanhainsworth ticking over, allowing campers to still have the site and facilities available to them, our main deal was just to be a point of contact and be a presence on site, but we offered to keep an eye on the shower block etc and had agreed if we get bored we may do some odd jobs for them too… mowing of the grass, treating some woodwork and helping or dealing with issues that may arise while awaiting the owners return and for them to hopefully find the site upon their return in tip top condition!!! However due to us being fond of this site we made sure we went over and above the duties we kept the shower blocks and toilets spick and span daily (after all no one likes a dirty shower block), Pete kept himself busy and was eager to keep the grass down to a manageable length he was out cutting grass in the pouring rain after ignoring my advice that it was going to pour down with rain any minute… he was adamant and carried on regardless… I found it hilarious and obviously Pete couldn’t lose face and stop midway so he carried on,  by the time the poor bloke had finished he was freezing cold and wet right through… Toffi and I remained toasty and warm inside watching from afar…

While here we took the odd day out so that cabin fever didn’t take over completely and drive us into insanity, we visited the nearby town of St Columb Major for convenience food shopping, and laundry services and where we also ate a Sunday lunch in the ring o bells pub washed down with a well earned pint, next we visited a place called Rock where we  strolled along the long beach with a view looking over the waters to Padstow, you can also get a water taxi for £4 over to Padstow from here, we also visited Truro where we shopped and treated ourselves to a few essentials, our next visit was to Wadebridge where we met a lovely old chap in the small museum there, he showed us his own mothers old shopping list/book and ration books and gave us a great quiz to complete relating to old currency… It did take us a while but we managed to solve the puzzles it was a lovely visit and the people were lovely and very friendly.

St Columb Major

Our next visit was to Newquay I actually hadn’t visited here for about 20+ years it’s good to see the place just hasn’t changed much at all, then on our last day here we visited the lovely Perranporth beach, all these places are well worth visiting if you are holidaying in the locality and although we had lived in Devon for over 30+ years many of these places we hadn’t been to in so many years, so now we were seeing them with different eyes… I have to admit my favourite visit though was Perranporth beach a superb, clean sandy beach with the sand dunes in the background to explore, what a treat!!!